Leadership & Capability

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Leadership & Capability

One of the most interesting pieces of the model of leadership I’ve evolved over time is ‘capability’.

To this date, I’ve come up with these tenets of capability, most of which you probably wouldn’t find in any book on leadership.

u      Self-Awareness

u      Constructiveness

u      Proprioception

u      Mindfulness

u      Inquiry

u      Simplicity

u      Reality

u      Leverage

u      Tension

u      Detachment

u      Humility

u      Discernment

u      Strategy Focus

u      Dynamic Engagement

Yet, over time, I’ve found them to be reliable at predicting leadership effectiveness.

While there isn’t room or time to cover each of the tenets here, I have created a slide program and audio that you can download and listen to if you’re interested in how we teach leaders through coaching to build capability.


From the desk of Mike R. Jay, Master Business Coach

Founder, http://www.leadu.com