Designing Performance Leadership Systems using the CoachCertified™ Approach

“outsourcing leadership to create productivity through innovation through execution”

What if you could guarantee that purchasing a system of coaching would:

        increase productivity overnight,

        align your organization around strategic goals,

        improve execution of important goals, and

        then obsolete itself within 18 months;

…leaving behind a smoothly running performance leadership infrastructure?

Would you be interested in learning more?

The CoachCertified™ System (CCS) is designed as an outsourced leadership system with performance-based costs (you pay only when you get performance), monitored metrics and defined results, led by a trained CCS Guide and serviced through CoachCertified™ Coaches.

Lack of clarity on the reasons for success. Great CEOs hold their associates accountable for knowing what activities cause results. CEOs focus on what to do, and let associates take care of the “how.” Then, on a regular basis, associates monitor the activities that lead to success. For a sales manager this might mean counting and publicly posting the number of cold calls and referrals every week, in addition to the actual sales results. The difference between champions and good performers isn’t terribly great sometimes, but champions win consistently because they understand what causes a win. Finally, successful CEOs foster (and insist on) the use of reliable, continuously improving, and innovative methods for getting work done before they let their associates take care of the “how.”

Why CEOs Fail by TEC Chair Glenn Waring

The CCS combines training, coaching, consulting, mentoring and facilitation to identify, implement, monitor and evaluate specific targeted results—iteration over iteration—improving each outcome with the experience of the prior iteration.

To get an idea of how the CoachCertified™ System works, let’s compare it to golf as an analogy. The graphic below illustrates a typical golfing situation:


Essentially, this metaphor is a fairly reasonable way to outline the key issues in the CoachCertified Approach.

  • Find out what the game is
  • Find out what skills are involved and decide to improve what you have or get some help
  • Identify a specific time to play
  • Know what a good score is
  • Adapt the tools you use based on business reality
  • Keep score
  • Give and get feedback
  • Stop at specific points and review how you're doing
  • Identify some areas where opportunity exists
  • Practice often
  • Play frequently
  • Keep an eye on the scoreboard, adding resources or deploying resources where needed.

While these may sound like things everyone does, they are actually rare in terms of a disciplined system of execution.

“Sources in the US actually reported that execution is the #1 failure of business strategy—NOT the strategy itself.

Let's face it, nobody likes or will continue to do things that are a lot of work, day in and day out. Yet, what makes a difference most of the time, is the ability to execute day in and day out in the face of business reality reality.

The CoachCertified System is designed to align with the present management and leadership system and augment execution of that system through an attention to performance manqagement. In our experience, regular, structured,  monitored and timed developmental events are an essential contribution to improving productivity through increased efficiency.

Yet, that's not enough.

You can't manage what you can't measure. It's just that simple. Any time you can introduce specific measurable targets that are aligned with what's important and focus attention and resources on those issues consistently, good things usually happen, even when they are unexpected or unintended outcomes.

Typically current management and leadership is in over their heads. With the current demands on managers and leaders, productivity suffers as does execution. If you're going to support the mission of management and leadership with resources, those resources have to be in the form of a systemized approach to resolving execution efficiency.

Imagine if we could get people to spend 10%--just 10% more of their time on what's important? Manager and leaders are often so overloaded, they fail to see the forest for the trees.

CCS provides objective, systemized support in the form of a structured approach:

  • to identifying specific ‘important’ results,
  • targeting those results,
  • aligning resources with those results, and
  • following up consistently on measuring the return on resources used to create those results—to create very specific increases in productivity.

Productivity may be the only sustainable competitive advantage in a hyper-competitive market.

The other key is innovation.

Innovation has been shown to be a relatively simple process that can be duplicated through access to frequent communication between stakeholders, clients and leadership.

Yet, why isn't there more innovation?

Is it because people are too busy to innovate?

In some ways, busyness has replaced business!

CoachCertified is a business system.

Here's why.

Outsourcing improvements in productivity and innovation through a system brought into and aligned with your current management and leadership system increases execution through attention to what's important. Can we ever pay too much attention to what really matters?

Here's an outline of the CoachCertified System:

  1. Your request for proposal is a trigger for us to work together to create a Scope of Results Card, called a ScoreCard. (Remember the idea of PAR, only we spell it (PAAR: power, accountability, authority and responsibility).
  1. In the formation of the ScoreCard, trained coaches work with your management and leadership to identify what really matters; what it is now, what you want it to be, what's possible; and in light of all of that data and information, we propose a series of options.
  1. Options often come in the way of further assessment designed to produce missing data and information that may be blocking increases in productivity and innovation—such as hard and soft skill deficits.
  1. Once we agree on what really matters and confirm it really matters, we propose an intervention, or what we call the implementation of a CoachCertified™ System.
  1. The CCS we propose will often have several phases, or iterations, each one being designed to start from where you are, moving to where you want to be in a measurable process, which can be managed.
  1. Phase 1 or the first iteration is usually heavily weighted on our CoachCertified Guides™. These guides are trained to manage a facilitated process, which involves triangulated coaching linked to management and leadership initiatives in the business.
  1. Phase 1 will often include some training, or skills development identified as limiting productivity in the Scope of Results or ScoreCard.
  1. Phase 1 may also include some mentoring, training or advising from specific experts who may fill in missing competencies.
  1. In large part, the CCS Guide either administers the software or works with a project administration to track all the events, metrics, goals and progress of the constituency involved with the CCS.
  1. The CCS Guide assures alignment between the CCS and business requirements at key points of contact during the program of 13 weeks.

At 13 weeks, an evaluation occurs and the system may be adapted, halted or improved for the next "round" of 13 weeks.

Typically in the second iteration (13 wks), the CCS Guide begins to offload the administration to the participants in the system. In some ways, it can be compared to giving them the opportunity to start doing some driving on their own.

Depending on the complexity noted in the ScoreCard, the proposed intervention may last several "rounds" until the business has fully adopted the model and can operate on its own, with only key milestones being evaluated by the outsourced team.

CCS is designed to be an outsourced system that assimilates or is diffused into the management and leadership system over time. How much time the system phases run is usually dictated by how complex the system processes are currently, how complex they need to become and the cultural aspects that may support or limit the adoption of the system introduced by the CoachCertified Approach.

The CCS is a structured path-driven process that is woven together by training, consulting, coaching and facilitation as it relates to the business management and leadership system. While each individual guide or coach employed by the system may have their own unique styles, the CCS adheres to strict guidelines that guide the implementation, design, application and evaluation of resources, metrics, and results across the system, so consistency and quality are enhanced in the administration of the system.

The CCS remains strategically controlled and tactically flexible throughout the alignment with the business. The CCS has strict goals of efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability overlaid with strict controls, metrics and results that are driven through what really matters, yet offers flexibility in how those goals are accomplished.

To review the system with a CCS Guide, please complete the contact form and someone will contact you to discuss a consultation with you or your business management and leadership team.