February 9, 2004
Vol. 1, No. 5

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The School of Advanced Communication Dynamics presents:

DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE: Tapping into Your Personal Power
Lead by Robert Knowlton, Master Business Coach

The purpose of this telecourse is for you to develop a
firm foundation and awareness of your personal life
purpose along with a clear understanding of your core
attributes and natural gifts. Knowing this, you can
draw upon these qualities and bring forth that purpose
naturally and easily in an ongoing way, in all contexts
of your life.

Thursdays, beginning February 19, 8 weeks 8:30 pm ET,
1.5 hrs
Info:  http://www.successoptions.com/purposea.htm

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A Message from the Founder

Learn to Teach; Teach to Learn

One of the undergirding philosophies of Leadership
University is one of "leaders" creating a teachable
point of view.  As far as I know, this idea was
invented by Noel Tichy, PhD who with Jack Welch
repurposed Crotonville, the GE Leadership and Training

Once back in the late 90s, during a Tichy led seminar,
he had everyone in the room get up--at that time about
400--turn to their neighbor and for 3 minutes tell them
their teachable point of view.

At that time, it made a big impact on me and the people
in the room. There were few in the room that actually
had one.  Oh yes, everyone sort of bs'ed about what
they did and who they were and all that 'jazz.'

However, I made a commitment to myself at that point to
really identify my own teachable point of view and that
led to my first book: COACH2 the Bottom Line in 1999.
It wasn't the book I wanted to write...I guess I'm
living that book: Failing to Succeed. Maybe some day
'that' teachable point of view will get put into print.

The concept for Leadership University was created back
in 1996 when I made several decisions about the path I
was on and what that would look like over the next 7

Actually, I got pretty close to walking my talk during
that period of time and it wouldn't have been without
the "learn to teach and teach to learn" philosophy.

This past week in Leadership University, 2 visionaries
came on board to teach the beginning of what I think
will be two of the most interesting curriculums at
LeadU: Integral Humanities & Integral Leadership
Development, by Richard Freis and Russ Volckmann.

Richard's opening class on Alexander the Great was
captivating and the class that Russ Volckmann began on
Integral Leadership Development introduced the
participants to the Integral Model.

If you're a LeadU member, you can listen to the audios
and download the materials related to those classes if
you were unable to attend here:
http://www.leadu.com/forlife/class. Your
username/password was supplied to you when you
purchased your Leadership Development System. There are
already more than 100 hours of audio programs available
at Leadership University and it is growing quickly.

The real reason...

I'm writing this note to you is to remind you to step
forward with a class of your own.  I will be writing
this column at this time next year and some of you will
still be "working on something."

Yet, you will have not made the leap.

Let me give you some advice.

Schedule the date of your class now.

It's simple. Pick a date in the future when you want to
deliver your class. Write the 50-100 description of it
and send it in for approval. That's all you need to do.
On the day of your scheduled class show up and teach
the class.

Well, you say, what about all the planning, the
materials, the preparation, the thinking through of how
I want to present the material?  If you wait to do all
of that--and you're like most people--you're headed for
a trip to "someday I'll."


Too many people are after perfection when perfection is
a moving target.

You can't get to perfect without first doing something

Learn to Teach; Teach to Learn.

If you don't know how to teach a class, then we'll send
you to the audio program on leading Teledevelopment
Classes, just drop us a note, tell us the name of the
class you'd like to teach, email us a 50-100 word
description and your first three choices of dates you'd
like to teach the program and then trust the universe.

It goes like this:

If you're pressure prompted, you've already created the
external pressure with setting a deadline. That will do
the trick over time.

If you're early starting, then you'll have the workshop
done next week and you'll think... "what I was worried

For those of you who have to be perfect?

Well, now you can be because you'll start with
imperfection and let your customers teach how to be

Too many people are developing perfection in their own
minds...and not realizing that perfection is already
here, all you have to do is let people tell you what it
is!  To do that, you have to let them know what it is
you're seeking perfection around by teaching it to

Leadership University *grows* when you do.

There is no better way to improve your life and the
lives of others than by teaching them something you
want to learn.

Join us in Leadership University; if you're currently
in our B\Coach Program, you can purchase your own
Leadership Development System here:

If you're not yet associated with B\Coach Systems, LLC
then sign up here:

Whether you have something to learn or something to
teach, Leadership University is your next step.

Until next time,

Mike R. Jay, Master Business Coach
Founder: Leadership University

P.S.  We are switching delivery of LeadU News to
Fridays beginning this week, February 13 with a short
version and featuring next week's classes.

Classes beginning week of February 9

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WELLTH MasterMIND ($297)
Fridays, 1:30 p.m., ongoing two 1 hr segments:
beginners and intermediate 1:30/2:30 p.m. ET

info: http://www.wellthmastermind.com


PERFORMANCE Leadership Special 'LeadU' Version ($1997)
Lead by Mike R. Jay
Tuesdays, begins February 10, 2004 for 1 year,
3:00 p.m. 1 hr


1LEADERSHIP Journey ($699)
Lead by Mike R. Jay
Wednesdays, February 11 to November 24, 2004,
2:30 p.m. ET 1 hr

info: http://www.1leadershipjourney.com


COACHING with Resilient Spiral ($297)
Lead by Mike R. Jay, et al
Thursdays, February 12 to April 29, 2004, 3:30 p.m. ET
1 hr

info: http://www.spiralresilience.com/coach


Future Classes – Register today to reserve your place

YOUR INTRODUCTION as ART: Attracting Business and Your
Ideal Client  ($79)
Lead by Robert Knowlton, Master Business Coach

Learn to clearly and articulately express who you are
and what you do, as it relates to your prospective
clients and customers.  This is an ART.  Join me for
this essential 4 week program.

Wednesdays, February 18 to March 10, 7:00pm ET, 1.5 hrs

Info:  http://www.successoptions.com/calendar.htm

To register:


DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE: Tapping into Your Personal Power
Thursdays, beginning February 19, 8 weeks 8:30 pm ET,
1.5 hrs
Lead by Robert Knowlton, Master Business Coach

The purpose of this telecourse is for you to develop a
firm foundation and awareness of your personal life
purpose along with a clear understanding of your core
attributes and natural gifts. Knowing this, you can
draw upon these qualities and bring forth that purpose
naturally and easily in an ongoing way, in all contexts
of your life.

Info:  http://www.successoptions.com/purposea.htm

To register:

COACHING Dynamics w/Thomas Jarrett ($97)
Fridays, 11:00 a.m. for 3 weeks
February 27, 2004, 1 hour

Coaching Dynamics is an executive coaching approach to
developing executives. Join Master Business Coach Mike
R. Jay as he guides a client into deeper levels of
self-knowledge using a variety of tools: coaching
session review, assessment, group coaching and client
self-coaching.  Peek inside how   developmental
executive coaching joins with client effectiveness to
produce executive growth.

To register:

EVERYDAY Wellth (free)
Fridays, beginning March 4, 2004, 14 weeks 5 pm ET,
1 hr
Lead by Skip Andrews and Jeanette Haas
To register:

CosMOS/Spiral Coaching I and II ($297)
Lead by Mike R. Jay
Tuesdays beginning April 6, 2004, 12 weeks 11:15 am ET,
1 hr
Info: http://www.spiralcoaching.com


COACHING Personal Resilience ($297)
Lead by Mike R. Jay
Mondays, April 12 – June 28 (12 weeks), 1:30 p.m. ET


LEADERSHIP Engagement ($497)
Lead by Mike R. Jay
Tuesdays, May 4 – 25, 2004, 1:30 p.m. ET, 1 hour


Lead by Mike R. Jay
Tuesdays, June 1 to August 24, 2004, 11:15 a.m. ET
1 hr

info: http://www.emergenics.com


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