March 12, 2004
Vol. 1, No. 10

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A Message from the Founder

Capacity, Capability & Potential = Performance

The key to high performance is encapsulated in capacity, capability and potential.

Simply, in this model, capacity is the innate pre-wired ability + re-wired learned ability; capability is the amount of knowledge, skills and ability that are created in relation to that capacity and potential is the amount remaining of unused capacity, which can be optimized at increasingly higher levels as each layer of capacity is stretched over time.

Caveat: capacity is pre-wired, not hard-wired, yet for most people pre-wired becomes hard-wired because they don't "practice" with increasing levels of standing motivation (motive energy or free energy available for application). As a result of NOT learning outside of the "favored" learning system -- capacity is not stretched by increasing levels of capability there is no re-wiring of potential to levels greater than pre-wired components; if in fact, pre-wired potential is ever reached at all. For most people, it is never reached, therefore never rewired. It's not a bad thing; it's just usually the case.

Each person has to decide whether they intend to push their own potential to capacity in whatever domain, for whatever reason. We'll cover that in pages to come. The first "rule" if there is one in leadership is that people "choose" their leadership style--consciously or unconsciously. No one can choose it for them...not a parent, a coach, a teacher, a leader, or a manager.
"People have the right to be who they are," stated Clare W. Graves. There is honor in that.

Here's an analogy.

Assume capacity is the glass.
Assume capability is the amount of water in the glass.
Assume potential is the amount of space left for water in the glass.

Now, what we are trying to do in performance is to create as much efficiency and effectiveness as possible with each effort. Effort is the only thing that most people control.

W. Edwards Deming identified 5 essential factors of

. Innate Ability
. Individual Effort
. Performance Match/Training/Development
. Variation in the system
. Variation in the judgment in that system

The one factor under control by the individual: effort.


The big idea is to create standing motivation (free
energy) which increases integral effort over time, however, not just effort in a performance situation, but effort over time in many performance situations.

In other words, practice or leadership activities; or action learning with increasing levels of standing motivation to create resilience across all domains, not just physical effort, but integral effort using the relationship between capacity, capability and potential to identify openings.

Over time, I'll talk more about these topics, but in the meantime, if you have questions or comments, please drop me a line, I'd be happy to include the answers in future columns. Send email to

Thanks for reading,

Mike R. Jay, Founder

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