March 19, 2004
Vol. 1, No. 11

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A Message from the Founder
Microwave Leadership

Another viable way to promote Leadership University: we
need lots of "reality translators" who can microwave
the information.

Most of us don't need to learn it in depth, just keep
pace with it to know if it is for us or others we work

This kind of microwave leadership allows us to keep it
in the fridge until it is time to cook it, it doesn't
take long to get ready and it works JIT and JIC...(just
in time, just in case).

A note from a reader:

Thanks!  Everything you send to me reinforces the track
I am on.  I look forward to sharing my thoughts next
week with the group.

Most of what you see promoted lures you into thinking
there is a quick fix. I have yet to find that magic
pill. People need to deal with reality (if they want
to) and focus on fundamental principals of connection,
clarification, and commitment.  It's so simple, it's
complex.  Enough . . . I'm getting all worked up!

Here's my response:

Yes, no question about it. But you have to frame that
in a way that is microwavable."

What makes sense doesn't sell...the quick fix sells, so
we package it in the microwavable container!

Microwavable Leadership?

We all can climb up on our horse and proclaim that the
only way to lead is this and forget about all
the quick fix gambits and to steer people away from
quick fixes and so forth. Yet, in reality, each one of
us not only is looking for the quick fix, we've haven’t
much room for anything else. Now, you could get up on
your soap box and pontificate that is why the world is
going to hell in a hand basket, OR you can help people
get what they need in the way they need it—when they
need it.

I doubt most people have the capacity to change...much.
I may be proven wrong, but so far I'm 52 and when I
view myself and how I've tried to change, I realize
much of it has been futile. Oh yes, I'm a little less
edgy at times and can control some of my impulses a
little better, but all in all, you put me in the thick
of things and I resort to relying on "the girl who
brung me" as the infamous Texas football coach Darrell
Royal would say about dancing.

As a result of not being able to change much...we all
pursue the HOLY GOAL...the one thing that does it for
us. I suspect this is perfectly natural as evolution
has instilled within us a goal-seeking drive that "has
us." The quick fix may be a part of who we are
genetically; it is the evolutionary and creative
mechanism that "solves" the problem moment by moment.
While I won't count out that over time one can begin to
objective this drive, most of us quite frankly, won't.

Fighting this uses up a lot of energy. Finding ways to
work with it is probably more efficient and you'll hear
about some of those over time in this column, but for
now--microwave your leadership. To me it requires more
leadership ability to microwave leadership because if
you understand the analogy I'm making you know that you
have to do some planning and some packaging for things
to turn out well in the microwave...and that's my

In order to microwave your leadership, you're going to
have to take some time and reflect on the complex
adaptive systems that encompasses the situation. Yet,
make it transparent for people. While in the
analogy--preparing foods to be microwaved is a complex
process--the actual act of microwaving is easy and
transparent. This entire paradigm makes a lot of sense
if you're a leader and you're able to resist projecting
your own ways of being onto those you lead. Reaching
out to those who are in followership, who seek the HOLY
GOAL is not all that easy. I'll say that from
experience. BUT, in order to change our leadership, we
have to begin to change how we think and feel about
leadership. The process of microwaving our leadership
is a good place to begin in my view.

I suppose that I would not be modeling what I'm
preaching if I didn't leave you with a transparent
microwavable process, now would I?  So, here goes:

Microwavable Leadership: Directions

1. Start from the experience the user wants and needs
(they won't always know both!).

2. Identify clearly the actions they need to take to
create the outcome they need.

3. Reduce those steps to specific cause and effect
relationships (yes, I mean oversimplify reality).

4. Make certain it smells good right away as they cook

5. Tell them what to expect at different temperatures
(tensions) and how to manage the time involved

In a microwavable container:


Now, on to applying the theory...microwave yourself a
teledevelopment program using these directions and see
what's cookin'!

Until we meet again,

Mike R. Jay, Founder

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