April 16, 2004
Vol. 1, No. 15

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A Message from the Founder

"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do."
-Henry Ford

Or can you?

Speaking of leadership, this quote really triggered
some stuff for me as a leader and someone who works
with leaders everyday. What you do speaks so loudly
that I can't hear what you are saying...paraphrased
from Emerson. I believe he said, "Who you are speaks so
loudly I can't hear what you're saying..."

Well, back to Henry Ford's quote in the reverse...you
build a reputation based on what you don't do, or fail
to do as well.

One of the biggest challenges in leadership is
follow-through. I literally meet 100s of people a week
and I can say no matter how well they are thought of,
or what they've accomplished it comes down to a simple
ratio of what they do and what they say.

In the past, this has given me some trouble because
I've always meant well. I think most of us do mean well.
Even when it appears we don't mean well, it's not because
at the heart of things we don't think we're doing the
right thing for the right reasons...or so we theorize.
Yet, when it comes down to it, how close our theory in
use is to our espoused theory is the defining moment.

Chris Argyris and Donald Schoen back in 1974 brought us
this erudite set of terms for leadership to grapple
with, and grapple we do. Espoused theory is what we
believe about the world and essentially theory in use
is what we are observed doing. Sometimes these can be
perceived as wildly different, even when we think we
have it nailed, so to speak.

The reason in my view is that our action theory is
generally flawed.

Action theory has been used by Argyris and followers,
but I don't think they mean it like I want to explain
this very "differentiated theory of strategic action."
Action theory is NOT what we actually do, it is what we
"intend" to do because of what we believe about how the
world works.

Let me give you an example:

In a hypothetical situation, I might believe that
holding espoused theory and theory in use in close
proximity is the best thing to do = espoused theory.
Yet, when someone observes my actions = theory in use;
they see that my espoused beliefs and my actions are
really quite different. How did this happen?

The reason this happens is because of action theory.
Because we are different and I mean everyone is
different from everyone else in things like
preferences, traits, learning style, conflict modality,
desire profile, to name a few...our action theories or
how we intend to use what we believe in, our actions
become dislocated from the action theories of others,
who perceive and process the world differently.

If I could get you to understand one thing as a leader,
it would be to objectify your own "action theory" or
intention and realize that springs from who you are.
When you go back to Ford's quote...you create a
reputation regardless of what you are going to do and
that reputation is in the eyes of the "beholder" not in
your intention.

To make congruent, your espoused theory and theory in
use, you'll have to understand the other person's
espoused theory and theory of action formula; or action
theory. When you can begin to match your action theory
and their action theory, THEN you're going to shape
your reputation and their experience in a way that
removes the barriers to leadership.

Few people know what I'm talking about; even fewer know
how to make it happen. Yet, there are a cadre of
business coaches who can facilitate these nuances with
you and create the kind of leadership reputation, you
must foster as an integral leader. If you're looking
for a coach who can help you create your leadership
future, there's no time like the present. Drop me a
note at: coach@leadwise.com and I'll introduce you.

In the meantime...here's to your action theory!

Mike R. Jay, Founder

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Lead By:  Heather Bond
Tuesday, April 27, 2004 1 week
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Tuesdays, June 1 to August 24, 2004, 11:15 a.m. ET
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