April 30, 2004
Vol. 1, No. 17

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A Message from the Founder

On Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS)

At pivotal moments throughout history, technological
innovation triggers massive social and cultural
transformation. Apparently unrelated developments,
which had been gradually unfolding for years, suddenly
converge to create changes that are as disruptive as
they are creative. We are currently living in a moment
of extraordinary complexity when systems and structures
that have long organized life are changing at an
unprecedented rate. Such rapid and pervasive change
creates the need to develop new ways of understanding
the world and of interpreting our experience.

-Mark C. Taylor, The Moment of Complexity: Emerging
Network Culture

I thought I might just get you up to speed on CAS,
since I've referred to it from time to time.

Here's a good definition from Marcus Pierson, MD.

CAS Definition: A complex, nonlinear, interactive
system which has the ability to adapt to a changing

Such systems are characterized by the potential for
self-organization, existing in a nonequilibrium
environment. CAS's evolve by random mutation,
self-organization, the transformation of their internal
models of the environment, and natural selection.

Examples include living organisms, the nervous system,
the immune system, the economy, corporations,
societies, and so on.

In a CAS, semi-autonomous agents interact according to
certain rules of interaction, evolving to maximize some
measure like fitness. The agents are diverse in both
form and capability and they adapt by changing their
rules and, hence, behavior, as they gain experience.

Complex, adaptive systems evolve historically, meaning
their past or history, i.e., their experience, is added
onto them and determines their future trajectory. Their
adaptability can either be increased or decreased by
the rules shaping their interaction.

Moreover, unanticipated, emergent structures can play a
determining role in the evolution of such systems,
which is why such systems show a great deal of
unpredictability. However, it is also the case that a
CAS has the potential of a great deal of creativity
that was not programmed-into them from the beginning.
Considering an organization, e.g., a hospital, as a CAS
shifts how change is enacted. For example, change can
be understood as a kind of self-organization resulting
from enhanced interconnectivity as well as connectivity
to the environment, the cultivation of diversity of
viewpoint of organizational members, and experimenting
with alternative "rules" and structures.

See: Adaptation; Emergence; Genetic Algorithm;

Bibliography: Dooley (1997); Gell-mann (1994); Holland
(1995); Kauffman


Well, what does all this mean for leadership?

In some ways, most of us have no clue about how complex
leadership is actually going to get, yet it's quite

How can that be?

Stay tuned for some of the upcoming LeadU news bits and
we'll show you how a Complex Adaptive System can be tamed and at the same
time, set loose in order to create higher levels of
fitness and resilience in the environment.

Speaking of Resilience, I want to thank the crew that
has been coming to Network Resilience! What a ride with these folks who
have hung around for the r/evolution of our Resilience
Framework. It's really going to make for a powerful
system to deal with complex adaptive environments.

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Mike R. Jay, Founder

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-Synthesis - compiling information together in a
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