August 19, 2005
Vol. 2, No. 33

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A Note from the Founder – Mike R. Jay, Master Business Coach

Leadership and Feedback II

Here’s a second installment on the role of feedback in

First off, let me thank those like Susanne Cook-Greuter
and other careful researchers for continually supplying
important considerations to leadership from their
models. Something about the Leadership Development
Profile modeled after SCG’s Harvard Research is
powerful in helping us as leaders to get a fix on
something as nebulous as feedback. For more info on
Susanne’s models and LDP:

I won’t quote the model directly, but instead
paraphrase it for my leadercast today.

Ego complexity can be identified along a continuum of
feedback, something like this:

Low --> High Complexity
Views feedback as direct threat, or challenge
Understands feedback as criticism
Views feedback as strategic opportunity
Views feedback as method of consensus building
Seeks and accepts feedback
Experiences feedback in context
Evaluates the conditional nature of feedback in the

I’m sure my continuum can be criticized or improved,
and let me just make my point.

The easiest way to make someone a coach is to ask them
for feedback.

Think about this statement?

In the HBR Article Daniel Goleman penned in 2000,
Leadership That Gets Results, he noted that the
coaching style of leadership was used the least, yet it
had a positive effect on climate as did other styles,
Authoritarian (which will come as a surprise to a lot
of people) being the most efficient for positive effect
in the study.

I believe the reason that the coaching style is least
used is correlated to ego complexity. Unless the leader
has sufficient ego complexity, they will not see
feedback as strategic, as a way to collaborate or even
seek, or accept feedback.

In order to be efficient, effective and sustainable
(e2s) as a leader, one must get and find a way to
accept a lot of feedback. As a leader myself, this is
truly the greatest challenge in my view for leaders. So
many components of e2s leadership depend on a variety
and multiplicity of feedback: personal, professional,
business and ecological (network) generated.

One of the most effective ways I know to do that is to
make subordinates coaches—your coaches—by seeing
feedback as strategic, collaborative and acceptable.
Last year I wrote about engagement and ingagement and
the power of discovery, disclosure and acceptance to be
self and other keys to improving both en and
ingagement. After more than a year of considering my
statements then, I believe it is even more relevant
today in light of leadership complexity.

Want to become a great leader?

…Make people coaches around you, by discovering,
disclosing and accepting feedback.

From the desk of Mike R. Jay, Master Business Coach

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