September 30, 2005
Vol. 2, No. 39

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From the Founder – Mike R. Jay, Master Business Coach

Leadership & Interior Development

Here's a statement I see quite a bit lately:

'...we need to complexify our interiority as much as our exteriority if we’re
going to pull through...'

This postulate assumes that we can and quite honestly, we can’t.

Here’s why.

Our biological schema is not geared to unlimited, it is geared through
limitations (Blink, Gladwell) and thin-slicing a perceived reality from which to
“decomplexify” the “search space” of computation (What is Thought?, Baum).

The reason that there is no balance, as suggested by the statement as underlying
obliquity (indirectly), is that limitations do NOT occurring in the collective

Therefore you have two evolutionary trajectories: individual and collective; one
limited, another unlimited (in relative terms.)

Many confuse the use of absolute tools in relative reality—that doesn’t compute.
You can’t have your cake and eat it too, even if the gurus say so.

In any case, I don’t believe the solution lies in us, but as the “kingdom of
(Scott Peck)--'among us.'

Therefore the solutions to complexity in the external domain, lie in design in
the external domain, through individual and collective (SOUL) work which
leverages individual strengths.

In most of the complexity stuff I’ve seen…the issue lies in two realms (or more
perhaps), not one :

1. You can solve growing complexity by increasing complexity.
2. You can solve growing complexity by limiting complexity on the process side.
Some say, this is a return to dark ages.

NO, it doesn’t have to be, although that is a way.

Through innovation, which can strikingly mimic the evolutionary curve of
increasing complexity, in some cases it leads it, rather than trails it…we can
innovate ourselves out of complex conditions.

For some, this causes more complexity, yet for many it eliminates the negative
effects of complexity and while collapse occurs, it is not, nor does it have to
be, collapse of civilization, only as civilization as we know it (and make it

It's literally and figuratively a jump to a new curve, in a lot of cases, one
that takes us back down in complexity because the new innovation solved a

I do not buy into the contention that complexity has diminishing returns, unless
you consider the object of those returns static--which will catch some people in
the philosopher Jerry Clower indicated about bisquits that don't rise
before they are cooked. (Humor)

If you buy into the argument of unlimited complexity, then I am hear to sell you
unlimited innovation.

It is not necessary to keep pace internally, nor can we, if we tried, UNLESS you
want to play transhuman, then it’s a whole new ballgame, but I don’t see many
folks opening their arms to that one yet<VBG>.

The key is to understand the answers lie in Design, perhaps not as it is
but as it can be when we give up blank slate assumptions, like trying to keep
internal pace with external evolution.

Just a thought,


Mike R. Jay, Founder 

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