October 7, 2005
Vol. 2, No. 40

Published Weekly on Fridays
By Leadership University
From the Founder – Mike R. Jay, Master Business Coach

The Es Have It

Over time we witness people who can create results far beyond average. I think
it’s helpful to remind ourselves of how they create success and to look for
teachable points of view.

In each of the two cases below, I’m not sure that the success achieved by Jack
Welch and Bill Gates is generalizable to your organization, but to me, it makes
sense to study these teachable points of view.

Here’s the 4 Es from Jack Welch:

The four Es are positive Energy, the ability to Energise others, the 'Edge' that
enables managers to take unpopular decisions and the ability to Execute

During his tenure, GE market value grew from $13 billion to $500 billion. In the
process, Welch's management innovations have made him the most influential CEO
his era.

When the Financial Times recently asked business leaders whom they would most
like to have on their corporate boards, the top three they chose were Winston
Churchill, Bill Gates and Jack Welch.

Bill Gates and the 5 Es

Applying the Five E’s

When Microsoft restructured, eight autonomous divisions were created to hasten
the decision-making process and to prevent Gates from taking on too much.

Practicing the Five E’s that govern Microsoft will create an environment where
everyone can contribute to the organization:

1. EMPOWER people to undertake tasks for which they are competent and to
see those tasks through from start to finish.

2. Adopt an EGALITARIAN attitude towards everybody, and insist that they do

3. Place an extraordinary EMPHASIS on performance, first making clear precisely
what is expected.

4. Use E-MAIL to send and receive messages to and from anybody, maintain
continuous, open, constructive debate on issues of interest importance.

5. ENRICH people with rewards for success, using not only financial rewards but
also praise and recognition.

If you are not working in a 5E company, consider whether your company’s culture
motivates you to produce your best and whether your efforts recognized.
Otherwise, think seriously about moving to a company that will.

Mike R. Jay, Founder

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