October 21, 2005
Vol. 2, No. 42

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TopTEN Reasons Why Ken Wilber’s Integral Psychology Is Dangerous For Leaders

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Here's the Top Ten:

There isn't an AQAL in reality

Don’t look up

There is no chicken in your cake

Lines aren’t straight

People can’t change

There ain’t no suicide bombers in Nebraska

Blank Slate is Dead

Time is not on my side

Values are not a line

Not everything fits in a box

Come join me and I'll walk you through my thinking. It's sure to enlighten you about things to notice and watch. Like Wilber says, nobody is 100% wrong or 100% right...come join the fun.

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From the Founder – Mike R. Jay, Master Business Coach ======================================

How Do You Know What You Want, When You Don't Know Who You Are?

Here's the context:

'Get a Pen, and some Paper...
the next 45 minutes are going to change your life!'

Have you every heard this before?

This is the typical motivational speaker, who at the back of the room, or on their website has the solutions for you. Just as soon as they take you through the benefit chain: don't you want to work in your pajamas, don't you want to be free, don't you want to be your own person, don't you want to make money in your sleep?

Ever heard those lines before?

'Nothing is real in life unless you put it on paper...' and so the story goes.

Why do you think most people who do these exercises, or get this advice don't succeed?

The questions are fair?

'What do you want, put that down...'

It's a fair question isn't it?

Actually, it's a cul de sac--a dead-end in disguise.

When people put themselves, or are put in altered states by motivational speakers we actually create a design where the person's resources are amplified through support to levels which are unsustainable; UNLESS the design is based on NOT what they want, but on WHO they are.

Let me say it a different way.

This is subtle but an extremely important point:

The reason that motivational speakers say you can is because they believe you can because they did it. What better testimonial of success than one's own belief that one rose from rags to riches?

Yet, why can't WE do it too?

We know how to do it.

We've studied all the things they tell us to study?

What gives?

FIRST, we have to understand that people are different.

What creates success for one person is not likely in most cases going to create success for another unless the edit is part of a design that satisfies business reality.

In almost all cases, what people want...
is something they don't think they have.

Yet, in almost all cases, it's not because they don't want it bad enough. It's because they don't know themselves well enough to know what--who they are-- needs.

Now, this can begin a complex discussion, but let's keep it short and simple.

When you know what your strengths and gifts are, you know what to say yes to and you know what to say no too, as well.

When you're unclear about who you are and are being driven through want by altered states or motivational speakers, you are more than likely going to confuse what you say yes to and what you say no too.

This happens in large part because we don't really know who we are.

The bottom-line?

Before you ask yourself what you want, or for that matter, answer anyone else's questions about what you want or need, answer the question: Who Am I?

There are many different methods for identifying the personal gifts and strengths you have, along with the limitations surely to accompany them. Instead of doing what you want, become who you are, and all the riches in the world will follow in the days ahead.

If you're looking ways to discover the who in you, join us in Leadership University for programs that will guide your journey.

Mike R. Jay, Founder

P.S. Please visit my blog
http://www.integraleader.com/ to comment on this and other articles about leadership.

P.P.S. Mike's private, member-only blog is available to those who wish to join, at their own risk: http://www.ontheprofessionaledge.com/founder

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