May 21, 2004
Vol. 1, No. 20

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A Message from the Founder


So many people have differing ideas of the mastermind
principle introduced by Napoleon Hill in THINK & GROW
RICH that I'd like to give you my ideas for leadership.

Clearly mastermind is the essential associative
principle that allows our own neurophysiology to
evolve. The ability to associate patterns in our own
MIND is the most leveraging component of evolution.
When one mind becomes connected to other
minds--evolving--we begin to lay the infrastructure for
emergent leadership.

Many people ask me what emergence has to do with the
mastermind principle and I politely state, "emergence
is the mastermind principle." Emergence is the ability
of rather simple agents, rules, tensions and
conditionals to produce "properties" far more complex
than any single agent, rule, tension or conditional.

It's a non-linear application of the mastermind
principle that has accounted for many great leadership
breakthroughs. Did you know the Ford, Edison, Firestone
and others had a mastermind group that met on a regular

Hill defines the "master mind" as "coordination of
knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between
two or more people, for the attainment of a definite
purpose." To state it simply, a mastermind group is a
support team that meets on a regular basis to provide
and receive advice, feedback and ideas.

MASTERMIND in the Surround

You'll see and hear me talking more about the
"surround" as we move forward in our leadership
dialogue. For now, let me equate the mastermind
leverage to the power of the surround and our ability
to relate to others in the surround. Surround is
effectively...all around us.

The specific benefits of a mastermind group include:

 - A safe, non-judgmental environment in which to
express your ideas, thoughts, dreams and goals
 - A network of successful, like-minded people to serve
as your personal
Board of Directors
 - Increased accountability regarding your goals and
 - Helpful advice and feedback regarding ideas
presented to the group
 - Powerful synergy that is created from the collective
input of the group
 - Development of strong relationships between the
 - Enhanced leadership and communication skills that
develop through the presentation of ideas, and offering
 - Great solutions to the questions and issues that are
brought to the group

You can create a successful mastermind group by taking
the following steps:

1. Form the group. Contact a number of prospective
members. They should work in non-competing fields, and
be people who will contribute to the synergy of the
group. An ideal group size is 4-7.

2. Create a regular schedule. Monthly seems to work
well, and a regular day and time is best. All members
should be committed to this schedule.

3. Formulate a plan. A set format causes the meetings
to run more efficiently. For example, the first 30
minutes could be open for general discussion. Then,
each member could receive an allotted amount of time
(15-30 minutes, depending on the size of the group) to
discuss his or her "issue of the month."

4. Include an occasional guest (optional). Some
mastermind groups include guest as part of their
format. These guests could be invited to speak on a
particular topic (e.g., an attorney who specializes in
estate planning), or could participate in the planned

5. Take action. One of the benefits of a mastermind
group is built-in accountability. Be sure to take
action on the ideas that were generated at the meeting.
Furthermore, develop a support structure that includes
follow-up reporting at the next meeting. Be sure to
report both your successes, and your challenges.

Best of luck with your MASTERMIND!

Mike R. Jay, Founder

Classes beginning week of May 24, 2004

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Lead By:  Janet Wise
Tuesday, May 25, 6:45pm ET 1 session

Do you coach leaders or lead others in geographically
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Lead by Mike R. Jay
Tuesdays, June 1 to August 24, 2004, 11:15 a.m. ET
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Emergenics is a tool for the Integral Guide, a
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adult developmental theory, spiral dynamics integral
and the latest information on memetic development, the
rules of the universe as they are applied through
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EXPLORATION of Critical Thinking ($29)
Led by Mike Jay
June 1 - August 17, 2004
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Are you continuously improving your cognitive

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Discover How Critical Thinking Enhances Your Coaching &

Join Mike Jay, Master Business Coach in a discussion
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Basically critical thinking consists of:

-Knowledge - exhibits previously learned material by
recalling facts, terms, basic concepts and answers.

-Comprehension - demonstrating understanding of facts
and ideas by organizing, comparing, translating,
interpreting, giving descriptions and stating main

-Application - solving problems by applying acquired
knowledge, facts, techniques and rules in a different

-Analysis - examining and breaking information into
parts by identifying motives or causes; making
inferences and finding evidence to support

-Synthesis - compiling information together in a
different way by combining elements in a new pattern or
proposing alternative solutions.

-Evaluation - presenting and defending opinions by
making judgments about information, validity of ideas
or quality of work based on a set of criteria.

-Yet, few people, me included actually understand the
full ramification of using critical thinking in
leadership and coaching. That's why I chose this
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Lead By:  Manya Arond-Thomas, MD
Wednesdays June 16 to June 30, 2004
5:00 PM EST 1 hr 15 minutes

As a woman, have you struggled with ambition?  Many
women have a different relationship to ambition than do
men.  This is a critical issue in understanding and
supporting women in leadership.  We’ll look at why
women are willing to walk away from our dreams and
learn what the success factors are to move past the
ambivalence and deferral of our dreams.  We’ll also
mastermind on how to sustain our ambitions.

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Interviewed by:  Mike Jay, Master Business Coach
Tuesday, June 22, 2004
4:00 PM EST 1 hr.

Susan Scott, author of “Fierce Conversations” will be
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International, an organization dedicated to increasing
the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of CEO's
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Seattle, and also as regional manager for Context
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CosMOS/Spiral Coaching I and II ($297)
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Wednesdays, September 8, 2004, 12 weeks 8:30 pm ET, 1

Spiral Coaching uses a synthesis of developmental
coaching, emotional competence and spiral dynamics to
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beneath what we believe and do.



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