Leadership & FlyCatchers?

You've been caught by a flycatcher if you landed on this page after completing my survey form!

I suppose people would say..."what does a flycatcher have to do with leadership?"

I guess that sounds like a pretty good question, so let me answer it for you as best as I can from my point of view.

A flycatcher is a metaphor that discovers what's going on in the minds and hearts of people--what do they want, what are they thinking about, what's on their minds.

While the flycatcher has probably been used exclusively as a tool of marketing, I believe that more and more leaders need to be aware of how to use the technology in their leadership.

To me, leaders need to understand more about what's on the minds and in the hearts of the people around them, including their peers, customers, employees and vendors.

In today's work, what we think and feel is happening may not be actually happening. Since the media has become so active at "serving" us our opinions, I think more and more leaders are becoming distanced from their followership.

A simple tool like a well-placed flycatcher, can allow you to discover what people have on their minds and quite possibly, what might be in their hearts.

Here's to technology and flycatchers!

mike jay, founder


P.S. My favorite technology is the ASK Database. If you signup, let me know and I'll send you the other two videos on flycatching I've created.

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