Leadership at the Crossroads

I want you to know that I hesitated when I thought about where to put this review of the Dalai Lama's speech given November 12, 2005 at the Society for Neuroscience. Do I put this in the public and endure the nature of criticism that it will evoke from the people who will see this as blasphemous? Will there be riots because I have criticized his holiness?

Then I thought, what would his holiness have me do?

So, I'm posting it here for you.

I apologize because in general I've used a coding system that only a few people will understand, although if you read my comments you'll get the idea that I'm trying to put across here...that we need to be able to view NOT just what our leaders say, but "how" our leaders say what they say. We have to be careful not to be hung upon their content, but really be able to view deeply the problem-making and solving operandi they use in saying what they say.

In a complex future, we have to begin to identify the complexity of our leaders and the capacities, capabilities and potential of those leaders to lead effectively in view of an ambiguous future.

I will say for the record that my remarks are critical of the suppositions made and how they are made...and I've tried to give you a window into why I think so.

For the review, I used the following attractors, colored, so I could point to a specific constellation of values first identified in the book Spiral Dynamics (R). My work uses some of the terminology in that system, but expands the work to Spiral 2.0.

Here are the oversimplified attractors and their colors so you can identify the review and my comments below:

  • Beige-Survival System (not used)
  • Purple-Mystical System
  • Red-Power System
  • Blue-Salvation System
  • Orange-Empirical System
  • Green-Collaborative System
  • Yellow-Differential System

Again, you will want to note that there is no particular agreement of the systems I use and those offered by Clare Graves and Spiral Dynamics...in fact, I'm sure they would say I've oversimplified and adulterated them, but then again, that's pretty good protection for me in that they certainly don't represent anyone's ideas but my own.

My attempt at review is done with irreverence, but with compassion.


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