Leadership, Entropy & Disorder

Why Being Disruptive Matters to Leadership

In a couple of hours I give a presentation to open the leadership conclave in India...I've been awake most of the night because of the time change and thinking about entropy and leadership...what I've realized is that leadership "interrupts" entropy...stalling it in an organization, thereby complexifying it and make entropy inefficient in flowing energy to it's final state, the death of the organization

I also realized shortly before that coaching, as a virus, can be introduced into an organization as the host and do the same thing...perturb entropy that is naturally seeking the most efficient path to the final state...death of the business.

Then along comes Richard Freis with this piece (also in future edition newsletter, which I copied) so I think you realize that "disordering" is part of dynamic inquiry (perturb--one of the 5 ps) and therefore actually creates order, which makes sense if you understand dissipative systems, entropy and all that jazz

Chaos = Order: Physicists Make Baffling Discovery -- (Washington University in St. Louis -- April 3, 2006) http://news-info.wustl.edu/tips/page/normal/6845.html

According to a computational study, one may create order by introducing disorder. While working on a model - a network of interconnected pendulums, or "oscillators" -researchers noticed that when driven by ordered forces the various pendulums behaved chaotically and swung out of sync like a group of intoxicated synchronized swimmers. But when they introduced disorder -forces were applied at random to each oscillator - the system became ordered and synchronized.

The question I'll leave you to think about: Is leadership the only thing standing between organizational life and death?

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