Leadership and The Web:

Are You Prepared?

I doubt very much that you'll hear any other leadership program discussing these concepts, which make them even more important to pay attention to as you consider the leadership equation.

Today, change is occurring so rapidly that it is no longer possible for a single person to keep up. While I've written about the antidote in several issues--that is, learning to design in collaboration.

Yet, while that works, leaders have to learn to get the big picture in order to orchestrate leadership.

Today, leadership and the web are synonymous with efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability, whether you believe that or not. Of course, now some of you are thinking or feeling that if we focus too much on efficiency and effectiveness that we lose the leverage in leadership.

Well, from my point of view, anything not optimized is a problem and that means: "not too much of anything."  It is an equilibrium, not balance that is at issue. The management of entropy is key...not the elimination of entropy through balance!

In any case, MOST of the leaders I coach today are WAY behind the curve in keeping up with even rudimentary "web skills." So much so, that they are suboptimizing those around them.

In my view, people talk about the dearth of leadership and it's not leaders that we're missing, it is the leader who can function across the web...and by that I mean Internet, connectedness and of course, the exchange of local and non-local.

I bit the bullet back in 2000 and started educating myself about the web, how the Internet REALLY works and what is going on behind the scenes. I spoke about this back in 2000 and here's a brief on it from 2001 Consulting Today: Being a Skilled Professional is NOT Enough.

Clearly, leadership in the future will be web-based, or simultaneous--a key point Ram Charan makes in Profitable Growth. How can a leader become simultaneous? By using connectivity to gather, perceive, evaluate and implement action based on a combinatorial approach using data--far-flung as it might be.

Yet, how does a leader learn what really goes on behind the scenes and how the web really works in their business or organization?

Well, I can't tell you because it takes to long, but I can show you.

Join me in Switzerland with my host Mark Ita in a leadership university sponsored "emersion" with me, Mike Jay.

Not only will I show you how to understand the way the web works, I'll create for you in 5 days, the most amazing insight you'll ever have by watching me demonstrate how to create a scalable web-business.

ANYONE, leading a professional or small business today needs to implement immediately a system like this and if you're a global 2000 leader and don't know a thing about the web, sitting in with us will not only open your eyes, you'll get to actually USE that laptop you carry around with you...in ways that will open your eyes to the leadership of the future.

Here's the bottom-line about leadership and the web:

In 5 days, you'll be immersed in learning how to create, manage and monitor a web-based business--you'll not only walk away with your own sophisticated web-based business system, but you'll create an annuity that will feed your grandchildren--in just 5 days.

Why should a leader participate?

EVERYONE who leads will have to understand the basics of web-based commerce that I will teach you in just 5 days.

You won't be able to maintain your personal standard of living without it, not alone create a successful global business that will carry you into the future.

If after 5 days with me, you don't agree that it was everything I said it was, I'll refund your tuition on the spot.

Get info here: www.leadu.com/emersion

I have written extensively about coaching and all the items that I mentioned above. If you wish to read more intensively about any of the topics I mentioned, feel free to visit my personal website, or join us at Leadership University for coach training.


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