November 12, 2004
Vol. 1, No. 45

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A Message from the Founder

Leadership as a Dissipative System

Human social systems, including leadership can be
defined as dissipative.

Prigogine (
distinguishes three characteristics that make up a
dissipative structure.

-There needs to be a continual flow of energy and
matter, or information, between the structure and
its environment.

-There needs to be a constant flow of energy and
matter such that the structure or open system can
experience intense fluctuations. Without these
increases in fluctuation, a system would not be
able to self-organize. Also,
it would not be able to dissipate or decrease its
entropy into the environment. It would instead
become consumed by entropy like other
'burned-out', 'uncreative' systems that live near

-The system or structure needs to be
'autocatalytic'. A catalyst is something that can
change something else without necessarily changing
itself or being influenced in the process. This
means that a structure or system grows by means of

This is all pretty heady stuff if I may say so
myself, AND I'd like to show you how it applies to
leadership systems.

There is a lot of discussion about balance in our
lives, such as work-life balance, or balance in a
system, such as a balancing loop which involves
equilibrium. As noted above, systems functioning
in balance or in equilibrium are basically
uncreative and do not experience the benefits of

Here's a quote from the Ph.D. Dissertation of
Cosma Rohilla Shalizi, a physicist:

"Something is self-organizing if, left to itself,
it tends to become more organized. This is an
unusual, indeed quite counter-intuitive property:
we expect that, left to themselves, things get
messy, and that when we encounter a very high
degree of order, or an increase in order,
something, someone, or at least some peculiar
thing, is responsible. .. But we now know of many
instances where this expectation is simply wrong,
of things which can start in a highly random state
and, without being shaped from the outside, become
more and more organized. Thus self-organization,
which I find to be one of the most interesting
concepts in modern science --- if also one of the
most nebulous, because the ideas of organization,
pattern, order and so forth are, as used normally,
quite vague."

Ok, now you say, how am I going to link all this
into something you can use?

Here's the simple key.

If you try to move leadership to a balanced state
and don't create a dissipative structure, which as
Prigogine states, must be capable of intense
fluctuation, you don't get self-organization which
can solve problems at levels other than which they
were created.

Why is this important to leaders?

Leadership as I see it today is becoming more
enamored with balance or comprehensiveness than
with any other "dissipative modality. To me, the
focus on creating balanced leadership, whether it
be identified by the Integral Institute in their
approach: "Integral" means "inclusive, balanced,
comprehensive;" or through leadership pundits who
are trying to figure everything about leadership
out and then "implement" it, leadership is being
sub-optimized unless it is seen as a dissipative
structure capable of self- organization.

Now, I guess you're wondering if I have an

Much of the literature around leadership is
centered on knowing. Leaders work to reduce major
or intense fluctuations in the leadership
environment because it is difficult to "know" in
uncertain environments. The "need to know"
actually prevents wild fluctuations in the
leadership environment because of the need for
control. YET, what we're seeing is the lack of
control, or messiness that occurs when controls
are less, rather than more produces greater
creative responses under turbulent and uncertain

I can't effectively make my entire point in this
treatise, however I want
to tease you a bit to begin thinking about messing
things loosen control, to introduce wild
fluctuations into your "ordered" systems--to make
leadership dissipative, so that self-organization

I'll write at some point in the future about what
you can do around identities, boundaries and
attractors and how they provide you with the
constituents of dissipative leadership, where
self-organizing forces will help you make quantum
leaps in your own value systems.

Until then,

Please join us at Leadership University for
dissipation and self-organization!

Mike R. Jay, Founder

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