December 10, 2004
Vol. 1, No. 49

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A Message from the Founder

CPR for the Soul has been submitted to Fast
Company for consideration as one of the Fast 50. 
I placed the link to the Fast Company profile on
this page: http:?/

While I don't think this will make it into the
Fast 50, getting exposure to this system is

Over 2005, I'll put in place three systems:
personal, professional and business resilience.

For those who know about the matching system we
are building for our'll have these
three "systems" within this resilience paradigm to
work with to both draw and serve clients. Over the
next couple of years as resilience building
becomes literally front and center, you'll see
more and more people being referred to those of
you who are certified in this system AND who are
Platinum Preferred Providers (Inner Circle

LEADERS Inner Circle: Preferred Members and 'ARK
Builders' to date:

Pat Milland, Canada
Keith To, Hong Kong
Richard Freis, US
Thomas & Junko Jarrett, US

Denise Wakeman, US
Alyse Parise, US
Emily Marcus, US
Wayne Messick, US
Manya Arond-Thomas, US
Liz Peterson, US
Pete Farmer, US

Jan Dakar, US
Russ Milland, Canada
Nirdosh Samolianov, Russia
Patti Massey, US
Leila Marsh Stuart, US

Certification in the CPR system requires
attendance at a CPR for the Soul Live Workshop and
attendance at an online teledevelopment program.

You'll see live seminars popping up around the
country in 2005 and if you want to host one
(easiest way to attend!), then let us know, we'll
get you on the schedule. [Those scheduled so far
are located here:]

The CPR System is clearly a breakthrough in the
integral practice many are searching for and in
concert with the introduction of the Sports Reiss
Profile and the online Reiss Self-Discovery
Profile early in 2005, there will be a need for
people who can do Reiss read backs over the phone,
so if you're not qualified at Level 1 in the
Reiss, then attend qualification.

For those of you in LeadU, the CPR Teleprogram
starts January 3rd and Reiss Qualification Level 1
starts January 27 at 2 PM ET for four weeks of 2
hr classes, at the end of which you'll take a
Reiss qualification survey to become Level 1
Qualified and a Reiss Coach.

In March, we'll do an advanced section for those
who are qualified in Reiss Level 1. Level 2 will
be March 10-31 on Thursdays at 10 AM ET for 1

Many people are starting to branch out in their
use of the Reiss Profile and we want to share this
information. The Germans are also sharing their
information with us as they are farther ahead in
team building in the Reiss and have some
interesting things going on that I want to share
as well.

So, there you have it, don't miss out.

Just to recap: Here's how to create leverage and
resilience in 2005!

1. Read the Fast Company profile.

2. Become an Inner Circle member (Preferred
Provider) and help us help you create an amazing
integral business opportunity in 2005. - Join me
for 40 one-hour teleclasses on ARK Building 2005.

3. Sign up the CPR for the Soul Teledevelopment
Program (LeadU members free)

4. Sign up and attend the Reiss Qualification
Level 1 - get qualified to do phone read backs for
the Reiss. (No cost to LeadU members)

5. Attend a live CPR Training Program, or host one
in your area (your tuition if free if you host,
1/2 price as a LeadU member)

6. Get CPR-Certified in Personal Design and
qualified in the Reiss ASAP.

To comment on this and other articles on
leadership, please go to the posting on my blog at

Mike R Jay, Founder

P.S. For those who want to become part of the
inner circle of this new "business", special
preview and registration is located at:

P.P.S. Mike has a new book: "CPR for the Soul:
Creating Personal Resilience By Design" being
published soon. The digital version is available
NOW for a limited time for only $19.95:

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C L A S S E S : December 13 - 17, 2004

The Power of Forgiveness NEW!
Lead by Barbara Pierce, BEng MBA, Master Certified
NLP Practitioner
Monday, December 13, 2004
8:00 PM EST 1 hour

The Power of Forgiveness - Start the New Year with
a lighter heart and rejuvenated soul.

'An illness is caused by not forgiving' Native
American Belief

Are you carrying anger, sadness, or shame as a
result of something that has happened to you? Is
there someone in your life (or someone who has
departed from your life) that you would like to
forgive? Join Barb Pierce as she walks you through
a powerful exercise that will allow you to let go
of negative emotions that can adversely affect
your health and well being. Start the New Year
with a lighter heart and rejuvenated soul.



Tuesday, December 14, 2004
5:00 PM EST 1 hour
Lead By: Jinger Jarrett

A special report is an ebook you will be giving
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traffic virus that drives traffic to your site. In
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your report.



Lead by Monikah J. Ogando
Wednesdays, December 15 - January 12
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You have an idea for a business, but now comes the
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completing your milestones easier.



ARK BUILDING 2005:  An Introduction to Building
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2 Introductory Calls (free)
Wednesday, December 15
Wednesday, December 29
7:45 p.m. ET
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