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CoachMBA System virtually coaches your staff in the key principles for success like no other program available. It makes learning a continuous process and keeps working for you in small doses at every desk, every day. It combines the economic efficiency of structured online learning modules and virtual coaching with a live human being.

Leadership University, through its parent B/Coach Systems, LLC, in an exclusive strategic alliance with Diaplan brings you this incredibly simple, yet integrally designed program to impact your organization's performance like no other program available today.

This online coaching curriculum targets every manager, leader and associate through 500+ electronic coaching units covering virtually every professional leadership competency.
The 10-minute daily coaching units develop competencies, skills and behaviors in real-time using practical learning exercises to keep your workforce focused on the objectives of your organization.
As a participant, the opportunity to consistently improve up to 150 competencies that drive performance is conveniently provided to your desktop or laptop computer ANYWHERE you have an Internet Connection.
There is an immediate return available from engaging even one of the coaching units in this system.
Any Performance Leadership training program needs continuing reinforcement over a period of time for maximum results.
You can rely on CoachMBA System everyday as your virtual partner in growing a learning organization. The Performance Leadership System encourages and supports each participant to remain focused on the strategic priorities that contribute to your organization's results.
Our Coaches are here to assist you with the needs analysis, scope of work, launch and application of this Performance Leadership System.
The pricing of the system can be tailored to fit any business budget. A small annual subscription guarantees access year to year. The more it is used, the more benefits it continues to produce; the more it gives you the power to engage and drive every major strategic initiative.

The CoachMBA System:

Needs Assessment up front:

  • Identifies coaching needs through a needs assessment process, to provide efficient and just in time learning.

Specifically identified and targeted learning:

  • Contains 35 modules. See list of modules.
  • Modules are comprised of coaching units.
  • Each unit has a practical exercise for applying the content to the job in an action learning framework.
  • Each application of content makes a difference in your leadership and business results.
  • Participants get instant help with daily priorities and long-term career development.

Measurement is a key feature of the program:

  • Pre and Post Tests measure the knowledge and behaviors developed and the added value the learning brings to the organization.
  • The Learning Management System (LMS) running in the background transparently captures learning results and enables you to review results online.
  • The LMS takes care of registrations and records and provides email links for management to follow up on learning electronically.

Provide access to people where they are:

  • Participants can access the system ANYWHERE there is an Internet Connection.

The bottom line is that every Participant in this CoachMBA System gets personalized coaching every day on the major result areas of their job at a cost that is economical efficient.

Technology makes it possible.

Leadership University and Diaplan make CoachMBA System as professional development a reality.


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