Strategy Focused Leadership Development Syllabus

01.  Strategy Focused  Leadership Development Orientation
02.   Why Strategy Focused  Leadership Development
04.  Creating a Foundation with Assessments
05.  MICRO: Components of ISIS and how they support Leadership Development
06: Creating Intention through strategy
07: Assumptions and Beliefs
08: Vision: Now, Near & Far
09: Values: The Final Four Game
10: Principles: Guiding Decision Making
11: Purpose: Creating Valued Action
12: Strategic Direction Through Four Perspectives: "The Work" or "results"
13: Key Success Factors: The "Metrics" of Strategy
14: Performance Goals: Directing Execution = "what by when"
15: Standards: Creating Reliable Consistency  through "limits."
16:  Working with a Coach:
17:  After Action Review
18:  EI Theory of Performance:
19.  Assessing the Organization
20:  Overview of the Strategy Focused  Leadership Development Framework
21:  Overview of the Macro/Micro System
22:   Overview of Scorecard Creation
23:  Overview of What to do When
24:  Understanding Organizational Dynamics
25: Review of ISIS and the Developmental Plan
26: Strategy Focused  Leadership Development Review