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Synergy Core Principles:

(1) Build on a foundation of stability
(2) Follow ethical business practices
(3) Provide unlimited global opportunity
(4) Produce world class products
(5) Exemplify the Synergy lifestyle
(6) Leave a legacy

"To win…you’ve got to stay in the game…" - Claude M. Bristol


The Leadership-Synergy Program

Leadership Core Principles:

(1) Help People Have Lives
(2) Teach to Learn; Learn to Teach
(3) Reach out globally
(4) Provide a hand up--not a hand out
(5) Accept Personal Responsibility for Leadership
(6) Leave a living legacy

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Welcome Professional Success Series Members!

Audio | Mike Jay Sept 20, 2004: Networking & Leadership

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I'm writing to you with an opportunity.

I'm going to make it quick for the fast readers.

'Now' is the time to diversify your income streams--globally.

I have an opportunity for you to not only diversify your income but to create residual streams of income in four areas:

  •   Internally as you grow your own self-awareness and self-confidence
  •   Externally as you grow your database of prospects and clients
  •   Financially through residuals earned by using our programs
  •   Developmentally through our complimentary training package

Action to Take: Watch these videos for an overview:

Here's the bottom line:

This program will cost you $200 up front, which also purchases you some basic product and you must maintain a $120 a month auto ship of products for as long as you want access to the complete training package.

The training package is offered through Leadership University and includes: business coach training, sales training, resilience, marketing, leadership development, performance leadership and training packages you can resell, and many other hours of high quality training programs, including the program I've used to get myself out of the rat race.

The training program also includes access to our off-the-shelf management and leadership training and development, which you can begin selling and delivering immediately upon orientation!

You can take as many classes as you want for as long as you want, including our 4-year coaching program and graduate executive program when you complete that program.

The question you have to ask yourself is this:

Am I willing to risk about $1000 over the next 6 months to change my life, my income and enhance my health?

Know that if you don't and you followed the system , then you'll get back $800 of your investment, plus you get to keep all the training you can attend and the benefits you get from it, including a business coach training program that will prepare you to work with people in coaching and access to more than 35 different off-the-shelf training programs that every business person needs--a complete turn-key system.

Since the answer would be yes...

I'll personally make sure that you'll create a financial residual income stream in six months if you agree to follow our plan.

You keep all the training, all the products you've purchased from http://www.synergyworldwide.com and I'll give you 80% of your investment back at the end of six months, if you fail to progress towards the goals you set.

If you're tired about hearing about all the "promises" to create income and you're wondering how you're going to make ends meet in six months, this program will put you in a position to say goodbye to those fears.

There has never been a program designed to provide these benefits and there won't be because no one has the keys to "integral" success that we have designed and developed over the past 6 years.

If you think I'm kidding...


Here's what one of our alliance partners said to me this week: [I've removed the names to protect our competitive advantage]

"We want you to be XXXXX primary sales and service organization. As you know we have consultants too and do direct marketing but as we are full steam ahead with YYYYYY, we need more support people. Those that can sell are needed too.

Both the ZZZZZZ and the WWWW go live October 1, 2004. We start promotions with both of them to their member firms during August. Together they make up 3,000 companies.

It's an explosion even if we only get 10% of them and to service those who want standup training and consulting around the system we need trained people and you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this."

Name withheld on request

When you're convinced that this is for you, visit this page and complete the form here:


If you're interested in the offer but still need more info, join us Fridays at 4 PM ET at 646-519-5860 Pin 3699# for Q&A on this program or view this slide presentation at your convenience.

Here's an important set of considerations:

The Leadership-Synergy Strategy

As you talk to people about this strategy and LeadU, most will immediately plug into the typical network marketing idea of the "get rich quick" hype.

If anything, this strategy is a make life/money better approach.

I keep thinking over and over about how to talk to people about this as my own doubts continuously arise because of what people say about network marketing in general.

This Strategy is different, yet uses the best parts of network marketing to help you create leverage with a world-class company.

I see the entire world is struggling...not for peace, heaven-forbid, but for "more."

More is most often not the way because more--leads to more, not to less.

"If you were to chart the objective indicators of social welfare since World War II, you would see an across-the-board increase in such objective measures as per-capita income, "real" income, longevity, cars per driver, phone calls per capita, trips taken, highest degree earned, and even IQ scores. The graphs of subjective indicators like personal freedom, women's freedom, and reduction of bias against minority groups would also show steady trends upward.

Obviously with more of everything, we should all be happier, Right?

Unfortunately, as Gregg Easterbrook points out in his book "The Progress Paradox", "The trend for happiness has been flat for 50 years. The trend line is negative for the number of people who consider themselves 'very happy,' with that percentage gradually declining since the 1940s. . . . Adjusting for population growth, 10 times as many people in the Western nations today suffer from unipolar depression, or unremitting bad feelings without a specific cause, than did a century ago. Americans and Europeans have ever more of everything - except happiness."


The average person is FAR better off than even only a few years ago, YET, people are not getting happier?

What's wrong?

In my view, there are a number of factors which are creating this challenge.

1. People have confused happiness with "more" -- and they want it NOW.

2. People in general have no purpose or path they can support, "more" has become the path.

3. People are trying to replace what's needed on the inside with stuff on the outside.

4. People are lost spiritually and have little resilience because they are unclear about who they are.

Now, there are obviously other things going on, but essentially it comes back to the core, or what we call an integrated approach.

1. Do you have some emphasis on your health and well-being?

2. Do you belong to a community of people who will support you OVER time and challenge you to grow along your path?

3. Do you have a business model that creates leverage and will continue to reward you for being collaborative?

4. Are you developing yourself and your ability to become more resilient over time?

If you can answer those questions affirmatively, then in my view, you'll be able to deal with life resiliently over time and perhaps are at this very moment becoming happier.

If either case, you could be a prospect for our individual and collective leadership system:

If you're willing to spend $1 a day on each of those 4 key systems above and invest some time in sharing with others, then we invite you to become a member of our Leadership-Synergy strategy at Leadership University.

We have a plan to help you find your way among all the thousands of choices that exist today for the affluent middle class and the not so affluent masses. Not only are we map makers and trail blazers, but we can support your growth and development spiritually as you work integrally with our system over time.

The companies we have in our constellation of alliances can provide health, wealth, growth and community...for just
$4 a day.

You won't find an offer like this anywhere, nor a community of people around the world more committed to sustainable leadership development and growth.

Join us for an introductory call and find out how you fit into this community of whole.

The Leadership-Synergy STRATEGY @ Leadu INFORMATION CALL

Every Friday
4:00 P.M. ET
646-519-5860 Pin 3699#

Then join us for an information call to get your questions answered.

Mike R. Jay, Master Business Coach

PS: If you're looking for a way to insure your future, this is it.

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