Coaching As Yoga: a union with knowing and doing

Dear Mind-Body-Spirit-Soul Enthusiast,

For years I've professed that developmental coaching is the most sophisticated form of meditation on the planet. When done in the art of yoga, coaching is elevated to an entirely new frequency of being.

The first thing I want to say, is that coaching as a yoga is NOT for everyone. The person who is most likely to enjoy and benefit from this expose has the following characteristics:

  • love of learning
  • dedicated to self-improvement
  • probably growing weary of training
  • interested in accessing higher faculties
  • open to new experiences in relating to other people
  • identified with a spiritual path

While those are only some of the reasons you might be drawn to this experience, I think you'll agree that these ideas are essential to continuous fulfillment.

As I continue to travel around the world I find more and more people who are out of sync with the world they live in. I find people searching for more than just a weekend experience or the latest guru, but looking for a different way of being--to stand aside from the daily bread-making, to look deeper into themselves for their gifts.

If working with your strengths appeals to you, then coaching as yoga will delight you.

Here's what I've done.

I've taken the methodology I've been teaching for more than 10 years now and will create for you right before your eyes your next evolution in your own learning--in a journey of you.

I'll meet with you twice per week for 13 weeks beginning May 23, 2006 and guide you along a path of the most profound meditation you'll experience.

I apologize ahead of time to those of you who think meditation is going to be silence and breathing. While sometimes we'll be silent, and we'll breathe, this form of meditation or yoga/union is literally learned with other people and in engagement with others...there is no other way.

It is the reason that I think it's such a transformative process.

In the world today, almost any guru you'll find will show you how to go inward...but almost none of them (I'll assume there are some I have not met who can) will show you how to go outward for union.

In my resilience work, my coaching interactions and in my work around the world, I constantly see the world's growth and maturity stymied, not by inward growth, but by the lack of ability to really listen to people and frame inquiry in such a way as to bring out the talents in people.

So much of the world today depends on trying to change people, instead of helping people find their true self, accept themselves and offer their gifts and talents to others--in union.

Coaching As Yoga provides you with an entirely new lease on your life and the life of your relationship, work and contribution.

If you're looking for a way to add this skill to your coaching, training, consulting, facilitation, or mentoring, or you're just someone who wants to learn this meditation with us, I can show you the basics, mastery is up to you.

This is an experiential program, you may take some notes, there are NO handouts, but I will record to audio the classes in case you wish to review them or you have to miss some of them.

For those who want to parlay this program into coach training qualification, I'll provide you with direction on how to accomplish that as well.

We will hold two opportunities for the class to meet upon completion, one being in Sept 2006 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the other being in Dehli, India in October 2006. For those coming to Dehli, I'll personally escort you to the Taj Mahal during one of our days together.

Of course, all retreat fees ($499 US), travel, hotel, meals and expenses are NOT included, but what I will do is give you the opportunity to experience this work with me for $297.

This audio program provides you with a powerful tool to understand how to integrate spirituality into your life, work and relationships through coaching.

There are no out of class assignments required, there is no homework, there is nothing to do but show up, listen, breathe and practice during the hour with me as I show you the technology of this yoga through this self-paced audio exploration of COACH2 System.

Mike R. Jay, Developmentalist

P.S. Here's an introduction to the program recorded May 16, 2006