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When asked, “If you were to receive coaching at work, what focus would be of greatest benefit to you?”

59.8 percent of respondents chose leadership development, according to a survey from executive coaching firm C02 Partners, based in Wayzata, MN.

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Strategic Directions
Internal: Create transparent and seamless leadership development systems for individuals and organizations.
External: Reach out globally to people who may not have access to formal leadership development in their lives, companies or communities
Financial: Reward people who contribute in ways they wish to be rewarded while remaining relevant and profitable
Developmental: Continuously innovate around leadership providing efficient, effective and sustainable development opportunities for growing numbers of people around the planet
How it works for you:
Purchase a trial, annual, multi-year, or lifetime system and create your own individualized leadership development training and development.
Choose from many different leadership development programs accessed through an easy to use training system online, over teleconference calls, or in live seminars.
Begin anytime and study more than 500 hours of management, leadership and coach training.
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Trustee Leadership. Total Leadership. Assigned Leadership. Connective Leadership. Balanced Leadership. Muscular Leadership. Toxic Leadership. Fusion Leadership. Complexity Leadership. Character Based Leadership. Emergent Leadership. Directive Leadership. Participative Leadership. Ethical Leadership. Principled Leadership. Team Leadership. Achievement Oriented Leadership. Supportive Leadership. Charismatic Leadership. Wholehearted Leadership. Level 5 Leadership. Authentic Leadership. Leadership Development. Leadership Training. Executive Development. Team Building. Coaching. Situational Leadership. Principle Centered Leadership. Values Centered Leadership. Inclusive Leadership. Servant Leadership. Transactional Leadership. Transformational Leadership. Enlightened Leadership. Leadership at Every Step. Leading Change. Values Based Leadership. Continuous Leadership. Rational Leadership. Visionary Leadership. Strategic Leadership. Virtual Leadership. Integrated Leadership. Institutionalized Leadership. Collaborative Leadership. Appreciative Leadership. Leadership as a Process. Proactive Leadership. Generative Leadership. Revolutionary Leadership. Unnatural Leadership. Empowering Leadership. Leadership by Example. Organizational Leadership. Operational Leadership. Innovative Leadership. Creative Leadership. Synergistic Leadership. Entrepreneurial Leadership. Steward Leadership. Military Leadership. Inspired Leadership. Leaders Building Leaders. Leading Upward. Tomorrow Leader. Quantum Leadership. Alpha Leadership. Lead by Design. Results Based Leadership. Trickle Up Leadership. Leaders to Leaders. Formative Leadership. Distributive Leadership. Integral Leadership. Cross Border Leadership. Invisible Leadership. Social Leadership. Contributory Leadership. Flow Leadership.