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1-Minute Dailies: Series I
Day 7

I hope you have read this far…

If you get nothing else from this daily, take this to heart.


Triggered means that you have had chemicals dumped into your system and depending on what those chemicals and hormone combinations do to you, it puts you in an altered — triggered state — to get you ready for whatever your core is wired.

Some people call this an amygdalae attack, and depending on your core attributes, this can result in all kinds of behaviors. Most of which you will regret later.

It’s not a copout… RECOGNITION AND REGULATION of an altered, or triggered state is the most difficult internal process to observe; and then act in that altered state, normally.

Unless you’re already self-aware to the point you can recognize when you’re in a triggered state, DO NOT ENGAGE.

Here’s the way to get around that. Learn or create some scripts along the lines of:

-that bring up something I need to give more thought to; can I get back to you later?

-now that you bring that up, let’s think about that some more (look at your watch), when would be a good time to talk later?

-you’ve stirred something inside of, let me see what that is and get back to you?

-something in me was triggered just now, may I ask some time to explore that and we can get back together on this later?

DO NOT LET PEOPLE GOAD YOU INTO ENGAGING, keep your feet out of your mouth, so you don’t create additional problems and negative or unattractive AFFECT through a triggered engagement.

More leaders fail because of this situation, more than any I know, and it’s just great to know that if you are triggered, you’re not going to regret what happened later, as most do,

Mike R Jay, Developmentalist

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