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Day 7

I need to discuss these vMEME Patterns from SPIRAL DYNAMICS, 1996. Give me several minutes to lay down this state framework for developmental reference.

I’ve taken liberties and chosen specific word actions to represent Gravesian Notation and Colors which are important in the self-knowledge and self-awareness gambit.

While SPIRAL DYNAMICS, uses colors to denote these meme stacks or memescapes, I found that using the word actions described what was happening as emergent from the stacks, scapes, and fields.

Graves describes what Spiral Dynamics is by his infamous 1974 Article in The Futurist: HUMAN NATURE PREPARES FOR A MOMENTOUS LEAP:
“Briefly, what I am proposing is that the psychology of the mature human being is an unfolding, emergent, oscillating, spiraling process marked by progressive subordination of older, lower-order behavior systems to newer, higher-order systems as man’s existential problems change.

These systems alternate between focus upon the external world, and attempts to change it, and focus upon the inner world, and attempts to come to peace with it, with the means to each end changing in each alternatively prognostic system.

Thus, man tends, normally, to change his psychology as the conditions of his existence change.

Each successive state, or level of existence, is a state through which people pass on the way to other states of equilibrium.

When a person is centralized in one state of existence, he has a total psychology which is particular to that state.

His feelings, motivations, ethics and values, biochemistry, degree of neurological activation, learning systems, belief systems, conception of mental health, ideas as to what mental illness is and how it should be treated, preferences for and conceptions of management, education, economic and political theory and practice, etc., are all appropriate to that state.”

While I don’t agree with the underlying emergent premise that because we can, we will progress; the idea that we choose states and states choose us based on their psychological as well as other forms of returns or lack of… are important.

I have found that people inhabit and develop more in states where their unique design points and rewards — using other states as enablers and becoming victimized by their disablers*.

The other MAJOR disagreement comes from the idea that people progress one to another in a series of developmental stages — behavior is complex — so our tendencies are to notice and adapt to conditions based on our proclivity for a preferred state or states in combination with what it takes to get the variety of returns offered by the DENSITY & FREQUENCY of those states in action, thus here is the correspondence:
      WORD ACTION = Notation-Color
      DOING = CP-RED

If, the vMEMEs are organized as a network of density and frequency rather than JUST a spiral, you can add this mapping system to self-knowledge and self-awareness to your benefit.

*Enablers, disablers, victims and beneficiaries in development are another important self-knowledge and self-awareness mapping one can use.

Mike Jay

Mike R Jay, Developmentalist

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