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Day 3

LI (Living Inquiry) is a process designed to meet people where they are and provide help and advice that is actionable.

There are so many things I have to show you, but I’m reminded of simple, no, simpler as a key design construct.

A model or theory that consumes 30+ years in development is not always easy to explain… the hardest part is having to fractalize the theory for explanation.

Then there is always Ex-NYC Mayor Ed Koch’s admonition…

“I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.”

With that as a guiding principle let’s do the needful. 😉

I’m happy at this point to share (again for Daily’s Readers) Chris Argyris work surrounding Actionable Advice (AA), in short:

The reason that you have no choice but to meet people where they are is if you don’t or can’t, the help you are there to give mostly doesn’t work for them!

In this way, most advice or help Is FLAWED.

Here’s a summary of Argyris proof* in my own words:

Behaviors must be specified based on a causal design that includes the person possessing the KSEs required for those behaviors enabled by system policies and culture.

I remember it with BDKS: Behavior, Design, KSEs and System.

Over 3+ decades of coaching, consulting, advising, and training globally, simply learning to use Helping Functions where people are is the key.


Join me for Helping Functions next,


Mike Jay

Mike R Jay, Developmentalist

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