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Jun 29, 2020
: (In response to a request from Mike to take the Big 5)
As far as taking it, I suspect that my conscientiousness is a bit lower than I would have scored a few weeks ago since I’ve been reflecting on your feedback about keeping my word. It has never been “high” overall, but I’m much more conscious of where it has played out in the past since your comment.

Wayne(In response to Mike seeing MBTI Step II results)
I have always said I am an ANTP.
At the retreat you convinced me I am an INTP and I resonate with having an intuitive Lt working on a clipboard on the outside with a thinking Gen on the inside.
I suspect most of the “extroversion” shown there is explained by high social contact.

What do you think it explains if I am actually ENTP?

Oh ur not an ANTP, there is no such thing, it comes from people who don’t understand type, in fact it leads people into mumbo jumbo about understanding type dynamics

NO ONE has two dominant functions!

An ANTP would be able to move conscious between a perceiving and judging which is INPOSSIBLE….

Worse it continuously switches the inferior function in the subconscious and that makes you crazy;)

Yes, the ANTP idea was 15 years ago when I was just looking at the results being near midline on a self scored version and realizing there were questions I was torn on that I could change to toggle I/E. Definitely didn’t understand the dynamics. Still not sure I do, but at least I see what you mean in this explanation.

Where u get your energy determines whether ur an extra very or introvert, shoot me ur Reiss please

Yeah, that energy argument also confused me into an ANTP argument.
I have always needed both.

Here’s my Reiss.
I dug out my iWAM and realized I should probably retake that one since it has been almost a decade and I have a completely different set of work contexts (and internal landscape) than when I was in grad school.
Is it worth doing the whole portfolio again or just iWAM or …? (I’m also really curious about my LDMA now.)

Well it doesn’t make sense that you need both, it makes sense you want both but even me as much of an introvert as I am I’m definitely getting energy from the external world even at lower and lower social contact bolstered by my need for independence which is bolstered by my need to not be interrupted.

So in all cases or power modes I can make a case for introversion but I’m not;)

How many years Ldma, do you have your plot? Talent path?

Took LDMA in 2012 and I don’t know that I did anything labeled Talent path. Attached the Jaques diagram you made me that says LeaderPATH.

I get that the iWAM is contextual. (I did the LAB Profile certification with Shelle Rose Charvet.) That’s part of why I’m thinking it may be time to do it again. Now I’m pondering if it is worth doing 3 times over — for the day job/school context, my (idling) business context, and maybe for partnering context (a la helping you). I guess I could just go through the process and “interview” myself for the LAB Profile…

Int/Ext — need/want — what do you see in the profiles that suggests either/or and, more importantly, what does that imply for me moving forward?
I came into that retreat late 2012 saying I was an ENTP and walked out convinced I’m INTP. I’ve explained the signs of extroversion as coming from higher social contact in Reiss which is mirrored in my iWAM.

I know you mentioned the idea that the inferior functions may be piping up from the backseat of the car now that I’m starting to ripen with age.

Right now, it feels like nobody is driving and all the functions are just letting the self-driving car do its thing while they picnic and kibitz their way down the road…
: P

These messages are important background for the coaching data for you please put them chronologically sanitising them for the record

Jun 22, 2020
So, I feel like we’re both wrestling with the same problem of building the scaffolding around us to be able to do the “interesting parts” and let the rest of it be taken care of — almost certainly at very different levels vertically and horizontally.

The big questions that come to mind —

– What systems need to be built out to support you (and then me) as content creator?

– Assuming that I’m predisposed (through high curiosity [say yes to many interesting things] and low tranquility [don’t feel uncomfortable enough to guilt myself into action immediately] and limited density in Active Experimentation) to take on more than I can deliver consistently, how do I scaffold myself to get things done? What other handles are likely to help?

I’ve tried getting other people involved, and that helps to a degree, but I still stall out on my own projects once the “interesting bits” are explored. And, yes, I’m looking for advice, not coaching here. (I’ll do some self coaching and go look at my Reiss profile again to see if there is anything obvious to rely on…)

I’m falling back on the idea that it is the systems that will move things forward, in spite of if not because of who I am. If that’s true, how do I/others design those systems to work effectively? Am I just chasing the wrong success criteria? Am I missing the boat on how the F-L-O-W concepts apply here? Is follow-through a horizontal skill to be developed through force-of-will or is lack of it just a trait to be scaffolded around?

I’m looking at my day job situation and while it is frustrating in many regards, it has aspects that work for me — especially if my half-assed outputs are sufficient to meet the institutional standards when my interests wander off to other topics. I want to have an impact on more people than the few Uni students in my classroom and just haven’t sorted out how to make that happen with my own stuffs in the way (whatever that stuff happens to actually be)…

Or is this whole line of thinking just another symptom of my 3/4 strata shift aligning with pockets of poorly developed horizontal skills?


Solid thinking

Let’s talk tomorrow night.

Ask for some air time and we will record this dialogue for you.


Oct ??, 2019

LISTEN | Mike and Wayne

Sep 17. 2019
I find it serendipitous that you reached out after we’ve been out of active communication for so long…

I’m wondering if I’m going through some sort of midlife crisis / strata transition — or if I’m just sick of the day job politics. (At some point, we mapped my CIP and it suggested I’d be hitting stratum 4 about this point in my lifetime … and I’m hoping it is more than a self-fulfilling prophecy playing out with the idea that strata changes can look a lot like midlife crises…)

Trying to figure out what KSEs I want to throw myself at really mastering (instead of half-assing my way through life) and what uniqueness I am contributing to the world…rather than just regurgitating other people’s content…


Yes exactly what you have going on is not midlife crisis as it’s referred but the “transition stage caused by metasystematicity.”

I have another 4 I’m coaching right now asking himself the same questions and it’s typical for those transition.

Emotionally we all go through midlife because it’s the time that we sense mortality—or as you put it—the halfassedness of life!

That’s sort of reassuring.

Any suggestions beyond chipping away at the new set of problems I am growing into? Or suggested reading to get a better understanding of the transition? (My Google-fu turned up a few blogs, but not sure what a high quality source would be on this topic.)

What’s important now is to journal about your own questions and answers as perspectival inquiry.



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