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No successful or unsuccessful people

There are no successful or unsuccessful people.

This conversation started by a member posting a video link and then said “There are no successful and unsuccessful people. A few ones are just trying to be someone else.”

Mike’s reply: The comments are more interesting. smiley


Each values basin has one that will work, however only 1-5% are attuned in a way to complete enough of the success formula to get results. smiley

While timing and luck bring about most of the exponential successes, regular success IS possible without luck or timing as long as people are patient enough and have access to enough resources.

The issues with success are few and rolling the dice produces the current level of results, which are relatively low… while the “drive” for success supports the 1-5% whose nature lines up with each of the major success models emergent from each values basin.

If each values basin didn’t have a success model, it wouldn’t remain durable. smiley

I think the quote is interesting as it becomes part of a meme-complex that offers a panacea to the underclass that supports an “overthrow” of the “lucky.”

We should start to see many more of these kinds of memes start to emerge as there is a convergence starting to take place regarding responses to inequality that have ALWAYS been present in history when imbalances became unsustainable.

Another member’s comment: Mike, whether one sees themselves as successful would seem to depend on their definition of success. However, most peoples concept of success is usually defined by the culture.

Since there are major success models, is there a way to match people to a success model that their 1-5% would fit?

Mike replies: Of course there is, that’s the idea @F-L-O-W. smiley

Mike gives an example: Secretary leaves $8 million for students

Sylvia Bloom, from Brooklyn, worked for the same law firm for 67 years until retiring at age 96. She died not long afterward in 2016.

She left behind a fortune, the bulk of which was donated to help fund scholarships for disadvantaged children.

Member question: Can you be more specific regarding how to match the right model with the right person?

Mike’s response: Traits/Motives dictate largely which values emerge, those values usually map to particular basins, each basin has a core set of algorithms, or rule set. Determining through self-knowledge what those are, help in mapping to the core model which, for all practice purposes, built around a matrix of express self, sacrifice of self, now and later.

It’s clear that the legal secretary — as do many using that core of DQ-BLUE — sacrifice self to get later — THE MILLIONAIRE NEXT DOOR, amass large amounts of money using simple methods such as stick with things, spend less than you make, save your money, keep expenses low…. Most of us would not be happy with her life — boring. But it does create success as defined by about every measure in that basin, and others also. smiley

Anyone can do it, as long as you have those motives, or a design @F-L-O-W, that cued, scaffolded, supported, and lifted where necessary. smiley

Member follow-up question: Could an assessment be designed to match individuals with their success model?

Mike’s response: Possibly as long as you’re comfortable with 65%. Identifying the success model is not the issue.  It’s getting the design in place to make certain the model is followed.

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