B\Coach Intensive with Mike Jay, Master Business Coach

Breaking News!

Daniela Trocan Takes the Reins at B-Coach!


The next Coach2 class is soon to begin! 


This is a LAST-in-a-lifetime opportunity as it is being led – for the last time ever –  by Mike Jay, himself, the creator and founder of this innovative developmental coach training.

Well, it’s time I left and I want to update my nearest and dearest work with a 10 year commemorative intensive. Come join me as I update my audio for the program and tell you the many stories of 10 years of Coach Training, as I move on to my next legacy work–Flawless Living, arriving at a location close to you over the next two years!

Come join me, let’s have some fun together in this last hurrah for the beginning of our International Coaching Expansion with Daniela Trocan, an original 1999 B\Coach Grad.

My MANY thanks to Dr. Manya Arond-Thomas, who joins me in Flawless Living and will make guest appearances during this 10 year anniversary program. And a very special thanks to Emily Marcus, yes, Emily, you are still loved and missed here at B\Coach!

Mike Jay, August 27, 2010


The class will be given in an accelerated format, meeting twice a week starting the first week in September, with orientation classes the week of September 7.


If you want to learn business developmental coaching from a master coach with more than 10,000 coaching hours passed long ago, this is your opportunity.  If you want to re-invest in your personal and professional development and re-commit to your business for

2010  and beyond, now is the time. 


If you want to be able to help others increase their resilience and get better results in these challenging times, you will learn how in this course.


We are enrolling now for the next COACH2  Training Program.


To register, go to http://www.leadu.com/c2


Class will be on each Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 10:00 – 11:30AM EST/-5 GST

The first orientation class is  September 7, 10:00AM.


All classes are recorded in case you are unable to make some of the live classes.


COACH2 Training Program is a 26 week lesson in skills that will change your life.


Sign-up at:  http://www.leadu.com/c2


Join us for a highly professional and international mixture of class participants in a training that will give you skills and a community of peers, for a lifetime.


What do our graduates say?


"COACH2 is simply the most profound coaching system available today. I’d gotten so disillusioned with the coaching world after years of seeing mostly mediocre results in my clients’ lives. Thankfully, I was introduced to the work of Mike Jay in 2006. I’ve since grown immeasurably in my life, marriage, career, community, self-knowledge and personal resilience. And, I’ve fallen in love with the world of coaching again – developmental

coaching, that is. Now I’m seeing exponentially more sustainable results."


Mari Smith, Success Coach



I am often asked what makes COACH2 unique from other coaching programs.  You will be the best judge of that. I found a program that worked for me and which I loved and that has continued to inform my coaching, consulting practice and business for the past 10 years.  


What I can also tell you, after listening to students and coaches who have attended other programs is this:


–The COACH2  emphasis is on you and your learning experience first.  


Your own self-development and self-knowledge accumulate as you learn to coach others to gain the same.


–COACH2  classes are small and very practically focused.


This means we focus on:


1) Lots of individual attention and feedback,


2) Connecting the course material to your life and work experiences and 3) Including coach skills training and practice in every class.


–All the many people who come into COACH2 after training at another coaching school say we have something very special and unique in the way we teach people a methodology

of coaching that focuses on the client and their needs only.  


The way we teach the coach and their ego to stay out of the way is taught nowhere else.


The skills we teach in the COACH2 course are applicable to any type of coaching.  And furthermore, they are transferable to most any kind of job and applicable to all communication and relationship development.  For the low price we charge for this course, the skills are worth learning and using for the rest of your life.


I guarantee you won’t find better value for the small investment you make in the COACH2 program.


From another COACH2 graduate:

"What I’ve observed since completing COACH2 is a profound leap in both my coaching abilities and confidence. My coaching is much more efficient and I have become skilled

at assisting the client to identify the lynchpin issue(s).


My business is in a high growth curve, and this week alone I have experienced dramatic, break-thru sessions with clients, using the methods I learned in COACH2. "


Joyce Baker, CBC


At COACH2 we teach a set of skills different from all other schools.  It is not "the same old thing".  Come find out for yourself.  See it.  Hear it.  Experience a different way.


If you’ve been thinking about getting professional coach training for a while, don’t wait.  Get in now!  Tell your colleagues.


To register, go to http://www.leadu.com/c2


"Going through the Coach2 program has been an enriching and enlightening experience. I highly recommend it!"

Dr. Steve Wilke


We look forward to having you as a student in our program.


Best Regards as I make my final request to you as the CCO at B-Coach, come join Mike, Myself and Daniela, as we kick off the next chapter of Coach2 Integral, an ACTP, ICF Certified Training Program.


Manya Arond-Thomas, M.D.

Chief Coaching Officer, BCoach Training Systems

PS: Mike has agreed to offer this intensive training schedule along with an EMERSION experience for the same money. Buy one, you get both and a great opportunity to work with Mike face to face in Philadelphia, PA November 17-18, 2010.

And Mike says, "hang out for my private screening of Flawless Living, at no extra charge from Nov. 19-21, 2010 right after the emersion program.

There is no better value in coaching today, and no better experience than this combined experience of virtual learning, face to face emersion, and the Flawless Living Design Seminar.

Catch the video of the emersion which is dated for Las Vegas, but we asked Mike to share it with you and let you know, the same experience is available for you in Philadelphia in November. Click here to view the video.

Remember, ONE price, three opportunities!

PPS: Want to check out Flawless Living and see what Mike’s Up to Now?

Click here to get the information on Flawless Living.

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