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The below link will take you to Mike Jay’s paper  titled “An Exposé in Leader Development”. The following is a quick summary:

“There are key elements in leader behavior that can be discovered, modeled, and studied to reveal behavioral structures of what we might refer to as “5th level” Leader behavior. These elements explain past and present behavior, and often predict future behavior where Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) conditions are present. “

Click HERE for the .PDF.

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We hope you pick up valuable insights, ideas, and tools during this process, which you can use for your own development as well as your work and leadership with others.

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Mike R. Jay is a developmentalist utilizing consulting, coaching, mentoring, and trusted advice emergent from dynamic inquiry as a means to cue, scaffold, support, lift, and protect; offering inspiration to aspiring leaders who are interested in humaning where being, doing, having, becoming, contributing, protecting, and letting go help people have generative lives.

Mike R. Jay
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