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Welcome to the rollout of LISTEN!: Living Inquiry System Training — Education Next.

I’m sure we can find better, possibly more appropriate words for our LISTEN! acronym but what I’ve found in my R&D work over the years is to “get going” and fill in the details as they emerge.

LISTEN! is based on my upcoming book (2023) called for now LIVING INQUIRY

Living Inquiry book

and from now on “LI” stands for the book and “LISTEN!” for the program.

These acronyms are largely what you will see so the keeper of definitions will continuously update our list at LeadU.Com/LI/definitions.

Our R&D TEAM (RDT) will consist of different types of members listed below:

RDT1: anyone who wants to play for free — access limited to the group discussion — we welcome you!

Register free at LinkedIN after you receive your invite.

RDT2: Members enrolling in the LISTEN! program in its non-retail RDT form — no license, non-disclosure intellectually protected copyrighted property — YOU MAY NOT USE IT IN ANY FORMSMILEY without purchasing the user license! [See RDT3.]

Purchase LISTEN! RDT here.

RDT3: Early adopters purchase the LISTEN! user License upfront ($97), regular price is $497, which includes regular updates as we make them to the retail LISTEN! Program, however that emerges from R&D.

Purchase the License here.

RDT4: Pay a fee ($97) to hold a spot in line for a marketing area (2023) which are designated by DMA in the USA, and corresponding areas in other countries: city area, municipal, provinces, states, or counties, etc.

Purchase a spot in line here.

Based on your purchase time stamp you line up like flying Southwest Airlines in the USA and the first 30 spots are already reserved for VIPS who emerge, so the first spot in line is 31.

RDT5: VIP: Everything always for one price which is $997 now at the RDT stage… no matter what or how many programs we create under LI, plus a free certifying retreat ticket if you’re interested to go that far. These RDT5: VIP tickets can be sold or gifted to others if this is not for you, but no refund given after the remorse period of 5 business days.

Purchase the VIP here.

RDT6: FOUNDER – Any new system requires capital to grow and by investing $1999 now your status as founder of LISTEN! @LeadU is forever written in our founding members area at LeadU. You receive VIP status and can sell your spot inline 5-30 (sorry 1-5 are gone) at any time for a profit.


Regardless of whichever level of membership you choose you should know that a core program like this can change the world as we know it and prepare people for what’s now AND what’s next.

You know that parents around the world are providing their children with “coding education” and that is precisely analogous to LISTEN!… it’s the wave of the future!

I’ve been very successful with establishing my ideas and currently reside most of the time here in the Philippines where all VIPs (includes founders) can join me once a year during my favorite time starting once a year dec 26-dec 31, 2022 for an annual pow wow and F2F updates at the new home of LEADERSHIP UNIVERSITY GLOBAL, Camotes Islands, Cebu, Philippines.

Just buy a round trip ticket to Cebu (Mactan Cebu International Airport) and we will pay the rest (limited offer good only one-time for founders purchasing before Sept 1, 2022.)

Cebu sunset

Generati resort

I track the world carefully from here and can help you prepare for what’s next as I’ve done over the past decade.

LISTEN! is my ninth symphony so to speak and it’s critical for people to learn, integrate and distribute this “education” for peace, prosperity, and sustainability… it’s bigger than any of us who wish to go quietly into the night.

If you have any questions, join up and ask them, I’ll answer the ones I can and help you find answers to those I can’t.

If you signed up for RDT NEWS at our opt-in form, then you will receive an invite from our LinkedIN group admin soon.

Contact us here: www.LeadU.Com/comment

In generati,

MJ sig

Mike R Jay
Founder LeadU

Mike R. Jay



If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or need some additional help, please visit https://www.leadu.com/comment/ to submit them.  Someone will get back to you within 48 hours. 

We hope you pick up valuable insights, ideas, and tools during this process, which you can use for your own development as well as your work and leadership with others.

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