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LeadU SK+ L&LI Microcasts:
A daily 1+ minute “conscious” read.

In this next phase of the program, I want to begin dropping “seeds of content” — pun intended 😉

What you will receive are short, daily-spaced pieces of content that gradually build on the 7 Skills of INQUIRY which are then utilized through a dialogue with Self-knowledge and a set of short descriptions of the assessments in our SK+ portfolio

A process like this enables self-awareness to emerge through spaced repetition, iteration, Inquiry, and reflection.

There are studies that show that without self-awareness… self-management is unlikely and social awareness is improbable.

Both self-management and social awareness are essential for enhanced levels of relationship management.


Relationship Management was listed as the #1 key to leadership success by the Center for Creative Leadership.

“3 Tips for Improving Your Relationship Skills at Work. 1. Strengthen Your Self-Awareness. The first step to building more effective relationships starts with being practical and assessing your own abilities. Increase your self-awareness by starting to pay attention to how you interact with coworkers.” – ccl.org/articles/leading-effectively-articles/building-relationship-skills/

With that in mind, let’s continue our journey with a WORDCLOUD introduction next.


If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or need some additional help, please visit https://www.leadu.com/comment/ to submit them.  Someone will get back to you within 48 hours.

We hope you pick up valuable insights, ideas, and tools during this process, which you can use for your own development as well as your work and leadership with others.

You, Me, and We @F-L-O-W

Mike R. Jay

Mike R. Jay is a developmentalist utilizing consulting, coaching, mentoring, and trusted advice emergent from dynamic inquiry as a means to cue, scaffold, support, lift, and protect; offering inspiration to aspiring leaders who are interested in humaning where being, doing, having, becoming, contributing, protecting, and letting go help people have generative lives.

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