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Pause & Breathe is my favorite skill in INQUIRY but not my best 😉

The old axiom that you need to teach what you need to learn applies here.

Today… now… do this.

If you’re seated in your favorite position, straighten your back, sit up, lift your head into the “snooty” position and breathe through your nose so that you feel your breath against the back of your nose… like breathing while sucking through a straw — your lips are sealed.

Now Pause & Breathe as deeply as you can expanding your lungs as much as you can comfortably, hold count of 1, 2 or 3, then gradually release the air through your mouth to a count of 7 to 10… whatever feels comfortable — inhalation and exhalation, called pranayama in some circles — we will call it PAUSE & BREATHE.

If you have ever been to a yoga program or breathing workshop (I took my family once — I don’t recommend it without significant priming, hehe) you will learn this breathing technique pronounced ‘oo-jai’: spelled ujjayi.

“Many will tout the benefits of ujjayi breath, claiming that it helps calm the mind, reduce blood pressure, slow the heart rate, and bring fresh oxygen to your muscles and brain.” — www.brettlarkin.com/ujjayi-breath-yogic-breathing/

Even if you engage this skill as one breath only — energy and information will shift — with only one cycle:


Do it once, become smarter;
Do it twice, relax more.
Do it ten times (in a row) and sleep…

Next, it’s a brief introduction to Ego-Position.


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Mike R. Jay

Mike R. Jay is a developmentalist utilizing consulting, coaching, mentoring, and trusted advice emergent from dynamic inquiry as a means to cue, scaffold, support, lift, and protect; offering inspiration to aspiring leaders who are interested in humaning where being, doing, having, becoming, contributing, protecting, and letting go help people have generative lives.

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