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A daily 1+ minute “conscious” read.

Directly related to ego position is our unconscious, wired-in PSA or Problem-Solving Approach…

Give this 2+ minutes please 😉

Each of us naturally, at whatever level of humaning * has the makings of a PSA (even if it’s non-action) and as we develop through experiencing success and failure… a more replicated (because it’s successful) PSS or Problem-Solving System emerges.

The distinction between the two is that a PSA is mostly unconscious and comes already wired into our Personality Dynamics — it’s a natural approach that serves our innate desires — and is a starting point usually spurred-on by those desires.

For example, extroverts tend to talk-out their problems by sharing their thoughts… Introverts, on the other hand, seldom share their thought process but do express their conclusions after reflection internally. This PSA adapts to become a PSS once we become more conscious of our approach, and we start to model problems or OPPOR+UNITY with both success and failure — whichever is the most effective teacher… in reflection and learning — tweaking our PSA into a model PSS which we use over and over until we grow into another PSS using our natural PSA — a spiraling process.

We are not always able to use our natural PSA because of situational requirements that constantly shift… at least that’s what we think and feel.

This is where SK+Inquiry becomes front and center and it’s important to remember our core goal: self-awareness!

…and to be honest it depends on your type preferences, trait intensity, motivation and attitudes which slowly form as a reinforced stream of your personality overtime… in relationship with self… as a level of self-awareness.

Your self-knowledge journey which leads you into inquiry and often reflection is a powerful learning process itself which is why we focus on SK+INQUIRY as a modus operandi for enabling our potential for self-awareness.

It shocks most people how little our conscious or spotlight reasoning comes to bear as the floodlight of our personality lights the way… a twist on Alan Watts** so to speak.

Next ‘cast?

Let’s focus on… our PSA OPPOR+UNITY: listening, noticing and observing our emerging PSS through the lenses of our personality dynamics, one by one — this is what I refer to as an “ontegral” process — working “on” rather than “in” relationship to self.


* humaning = life as a process of integrated being, doing, having, becoming, contributing, relating, guiding, and living well.

PS: You may want to watch a 2-minute video excerpted from Alan Watts lecture on spotlight and floodlight consciousness: https://youtu.be/6zLEumT1J8s

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We hope you pick up valuable insights, ideas, and tools during this process, which you can use for your own development as well as your work and leadership with others.

You, Me, and We @F-L-O-W

Mike R. Jay

Mike R. Jay is a developmentalist utilizing consulting, coaching, mentoring, and trusted advice emergent from dynamic inquiry as a means to cue, scaffold, support, lift, and protect; offering inspiration to aspiring leaders who are interested in humaning where being, doing, having, becoming, contributing, protecting, and letting go help people have generative lives.

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