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Learning Styles Inventory (KELP)

I call this underrated because once you grok experiential learning styles behavior, it makes your design fly — serious wings spring from such a simple assessment of learning styles.

While there are countless Learning Style Inventories, we now use the KELP and here’s how it’s described by its creator:

Welcome to the NEW Kolb Experiential Learning Profile (KELP)

Now, based on years of extensive research and updating, the KLSI 4.0 has been upgraded to the new Kolb Experiential Learning Profile (KELP).

This new report by David and Alice Kolb, and Experience Based Learning Systems, LLC, represents a refocusing on a broader and more personalized view of the learning process, learning style, and learning flexibility.

This next generation KELP provides learners with a self-reflection tool to help them understand how they learn from experience and their unique individual approach to learning and living.

The KELP is the result of an extensive research base of more than 106,000 Google Scholar citations and continuous improvements through six previous versions.

If you haven’t taken the KELP, please drop a note to leadwise99@icloud.com with “NEED KELP” in the subject line and we will send you a link ASAP.


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Mike R. Jay

Mike R. Jay is a developmentalist utilizing consulting, coaching, mentoring, and trusted advice emergent from dynamic inquiry as a means to cue, scaffold, support, lift, and protect; offering inspiration to aspiring leaders who are interested in humaning where being, doing, having, becoming, contributing, protecting, and letting go help people have generative lives.

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