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Business Coaching since 1988, Mike began coaching at the ripe old age of 16, when as a sophomore in high school he coached his 8th grade basketball midgets to a Jr. High Championship. Performance, play and results have always been second nature to Mike.
1975 Liberty Bowl

Throughout life, Mike has demonstrated competence in every field he has chosen, yet underlying that success was his clear ability to innovate. Since actively training coaches beginning in 1999 following his book Coach2 The Bottom Line: An Executive Guide to Coaching Performance, Change and Transformation, Mike has led the field of coaching with one innovation after another.

“I envy your ability to cut to the chase, to assimilate all the information from the assessments and not only “read” the client but give wonderfully actionable direction.”  – Lynda

Mike is available for speaking, consulting and media engagements

But yield who will to their separation,
My object in living is to unite
My avocation and my vocation.
As my two eyes make one in sight
Only where love and need are one,
And the work is play for mortal stakes,
Is the deed ever really done,
For Heaven and the future’s sakes.

Excerpted from Two Tramps in Mudtime by Robert Frost

Mike has developed more than 200 models during his speaking, coaching and consulting career that span entrepreneurial business to organizational leadership and beyond; developing an innovative model for governance called Intocracy and an interdevelopmental form of leadership called Generati. Mike continues to create, adapt and innovate around coaching, leadership and development. Mike currently publishes CoachingEDGE as a daily information source for managers, leaders and professionals regarding coaching.

Mike stopped counting at 10,000 coaching sessions and has worked with more than 1500 clients spanning fields as diverse as athletics, agriculture, medicine and hospitality over more than 25 years in his professional career as a entrepreneur, manager, consultant, leader and coach. Mike has written 100s of articles, books and papers on a variety of subjects in almost every known aspect of coaching. He’s created more than 50 top 10 lists and continues to publish through his many newsletters and more recently a blog.

Mike has trained 1000s of people with his ideas and continues to innovate daily with his clients. Mike has worked with people in EDS, Ford, Coca-Cola, Exxon, JP Morgan, the Army and 100s of other companies around the world, including business in Russia, India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Germany, Canada, England and South America.

He is the founder of Leadership University and continues to teach to learn and to learn to teach through a virtual community spanning the globe in more than 25 countries. Mike continues to travel and speak around the world about coaching, business, consciousness and development. You can catch him teaching classes from time to time at Teledevelop, a virtual learning system he pioneered.

Mike recently began offering n inner-circle subscription to his real-time innovation at On The Professional Edge, where his day to day innovation resides. Mike is glad to call himself a former marine.

Mike’s Favorite Poem.

It’s amazing how you can give such good advice in so few words.  Now the hard work begins.  Thanks again. – Mary Pat

Follow me to a million is a program that offers many of Mike’s incredible array of digital products.

Mike is a regular columnist for the International Journal of Coaching in Organizations, as well as holding memberships in a number of professional associations. Certified in Spiral Dynamics Integral, Emotional Intelligence, Myers-Briggs, The Reiss Profile of Motivational Sensitivity, and professional coaching; Mike continues to sharpen the saw through learning activities around the world.

Remember this picture (Shanghai at Night) and think where the center of where the world will be!

Shanghai at Night

Past projects include:

Mike is available for speaking, consulting and media engagements

Mike’s Daughters: Ali & Katy


Virtual Books:

1 Minute Coach      



Coach2 The Bottom Line:“An Executive Guide to Coaching Performance, Change and Transformation in Organizations;”



RightACTION-RightRESULTS? “A Strategic Leadership System for Discovering and Operationalizing What Really Matters;”



COACHING as a Transformational Leadership Competency;




CPR For The Soul: Creating Personal Resilience By Design



Strategy Focused Developmental Coaching Systems


Upping the Downside: 64 Strategies for Creating Professional Resilience


Coach of Many Colors: the CosMos Coaching Model

Emergenics: How to Solve More Problems Than You Create

In process:

Dynamic Engagement: Navigating leadership complexity in uncommon times.

Flawless Living: TBA

Coaching Business Resilience: Creating Sustainable Business Models & Practices


Training Programs:





Spring 2005 | Client Effectiveness

Winter 2005 | Chief Coaching Officer?

Oct/Nov 2003 | Coach to the Bottom Line

Dec/Jan 2004 | Selecting Coaches for the Right Results

Feb/Mar 2004 | Small Dose Learning

Apr/May 2004 | Design Conversations NOT Change

Jun 2004 | Leveraging Executive Coaching

July 2004 | Is There a Right Way to Coach?

Aug 2004 | A Case for Coaching?

Sep 2004 | Integral Mapping System: ISIS

Oct 2004 | Healthy Values Conflict: The Final Four Game

Nov 2004 | Fifth Element: Capability

Dec 2004 | After Action Review | Example

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    Mike R. Jay is a developmentalist utilizing consulting, coaching, mentoring and advising as methods to offer developmental scaffolding for aspiring leaders who are interested in being, doing, having, becoming, and contributing… to helping people have lives.

    Mike R. Jay
    Leadership University

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