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Leadership and Pressure Prompting

Context for the Audio:

Keep in mind this is not a professionally created audio, but a real life, everyday working session that happened to be recorded. Please be patient and you’ll be rewarded with content you can’t get anywhere else.

The context is a week 5 sponsor session, where a person working with a coach in a CCS coaching structure is reporting out their progress on their scorecard used in the system. In the sponsor role, my choice is to often teach people about the models and the paradigms which are linked to specific behaviors they demonstrate.

As a sponsor, I have a fiduciary responsibility to "results" identified by the client in the scorecard they create for the 13 week system. This session is conducted over iConvene.

"Design" refers to the CPR System which is described in my book CPR For The Soul: Creating Personal Resilience By Design

Listen to the Pressure-Prompting Audio.

Here is the article that appeared in LeadU News:

Leadership and Pressure Prompting

When you Google Pressure Prompting, you won’t come up with the vital information I’m going to share with you today. Most of what I write is ‘prompted’ by my experience with people everyday. You might say, it’s pressure prompted. And you would be entirely correct.

What is pressure prompting?

This term is used in the lexicon of the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator to indicate a facet of preference. Preference being a pre-wired tension that exists in us from ensoulment to prefer–when given a choice–one thing over another.

Therefore, a polarity exists between those people who have preferences for ‘early-starting’ as it’s called, or those who are ‘pressure-prompted.’

You might say that pressure-prompted is the opposite of early-starting and I think you know what that means?

Now, most (especially those who prefer early-starting) people call us ‘pressure-prompted’ folks, PROCRASTINATORS. For some reason in the west, we have this habitual manner of labeling things as ‘pejorative’ when it’s really just a difference.

I would guess about 60% of the population is pressure-prompted. I can’t say for sure, it’s just a guess. However, the reason I point this out is to help you understand there are a LOT of us out there who prefer to ‘take in information’ to solve problems, versus ‘decide’ to solve problems.

Yes, it’s really that simple, and it’s not.

People who have an extraverted perceiving function and it’s this group of types:

ENTP (start with my own first)<G>

All of these types are by nature, pressure prompting in terms of their preferences for taking in information to solve problems. Now, all those introverted types have pressure-prompted ‘lieutenants’ rather than pressure-prompted generals like the extraverts. However, regardless of lieutenant (auxillary function in MBTI lingo), or general (dominant function)… we all pretty much ‘take in information’ to solve problems.

[Want to take an MBTI to identify your functions? Click HERE]

Now, I hope you see, this is a heck of lot different than being a procrastinator?

We’re not procrastinators, anymore than you early-starters are neurotic? Ok, maybe I won’t go that far, but you know what I mean.

To make this real… recently I was working with a client as their sponsor, which is where I take a position of PAAR (power, accountability, authority and responsibility) for someone’s outcomes. In this short 25 minute session, you can see how understanding pressure-prompting is vital for efficient, effective and sustainable leadership.

I hope you enjoy the audio,

Mike R. Jay, Founder

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We hope you pick up valuable insights, ideas, and tools during this process, which you can use for your own development as well as your work and leadership with others.

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