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Balance the Budget

The problem we have today could be eliminated if the debate was changed.

We are trying to solve the wrong problem.

We are trying to solve a problem which exists only as an illusion of a fading legacy of BS.

"You cannot balance the budget without raising revenue and cutting expenses."

MAYOR MICHAEL R. BLOOMBERG , weighing in on the presidential race by finding fault with both candidates. 

I wanted to put this into a TPOV because it’s critical to our thinking long term.

It is not necessary to have a balanced budget. HOWEVER, it’s also too important to look at what we have done with money and credit over the past 50 years, and we have clearly allowed the BS-machine, including that which is government to grow completely out of whack.

You might remember me writing, that what we could do, is bond out 15 trillion against our hard assets (we have about 300 trillion).  Make them 50 year bonds, and get people to buy small ones, like war bonds, so everyone felt it was part of their obligation, including their retirement programs, etc. and such.  There are 300 million of us, and that is 50,000 a piece, if we involve the rest of the world, 5,000 could be taken out of our taxes on a pay plan for those in the USA and the others could buy them, especially central banks as our assets secure them, we make them asset bonds.

Ok, that solves raising the cash, then we use that to re-make government into a civilary (a broad-based, full spectrum military-structure-like-RO) which would be designed to perform hyper-human skills all around the world.

This would put a lot of people to work, who won’t have gainful employment, including those who are retiring and can’t/shouldn’t @F-L-O-W.

This would increase revenue significantly, more than likely a trillion dollars a year, as civilary could be a trillion dollar business, like insurance, healthcare, and other trillion dollar businesses.

Our problem is that we have run out of ideas in BS, and that we need to look beyond our current issues, and re-construct our economy on a different set of criteria, one being a psuedo-governing body that was built entirely upon RO @F-L-O-W and the budget would begin to rebalance itself, as we phased out current legacy government systems, that would be put on some kind of obsolescence timeline.

We would need to end certain kinds of freedom, everyone would have to participate in some way in the civilary, or buy themselves out by contributions.

I realize this is missing a lot of detail, but reframing how the world is, and showing that we are going to transform to another level of consciousness @F-L-O-W is key to creating the scaffolding.

The 15 trillion would buy us time, as long as we get rid of the graft that we have now, and start realizing that we have to stop doing what we are doing, in the way we are doing, or we are all going to pay bigtime.

Helpful Hint: It’s not balancing the budget which is key, although you can’t just walk away from it.  BUT, the way a society finances itself must change, and we have to stop thinking this is about government solely and much more about society, and the transcendence of government, and society as we know it, stop the bickering between big, small and no government, which is at the heart of BS beliefs, can change the debate.

Action Step: CHANGE the debate, it’s not about government, it’s not about the size of government. It’s about society, and how we live together as a socially organized group of beliefs, in a stratified, scaffolded system of network dynamics.

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