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Beliefs R Us

In the following context, I’d like you to read an array of beliefs:

Our actions are determined by our beliefs. And our beliefs are shaped by the stories we tell ourselves. So what happens when the stories we tell ourselves are inaccurate? The short answer is: we find ourselves engaging in actions that aren’t aligned with our best interests.

Charles Eisenstein has made a profession out of studying the intersection of economics and philosophy. And he thinks that over the past several generations, enabled by an unprecedented subsidy of abundant cheap energy, our society has become so far decoupled from natural laws that it has adopted a paradigm of thinking (or "stories") dangerously irrelevant to the future we face.

As resource scarcity increasingly expresses the natural forces that applied to our grandparents’ generation and those prior, we are still living under a mindset that assumes predictable, endless growth.

Think about it: most people reading this and nearly all of our national leaders have come of age in one of the most, if not the most, extraordinary economic periods in history. The exploitation of petroleum fields ushered in a global prosperity not dreamed of before. Decoupling gold from the dollar has allowed those living in the US to increase debt much, much faster than GDP for the past forty years.

This behavior is empirically unsustainable – but to almost all of us, it feels "normal", because it’s all we’ve known.

And it’s coming to an end." http://www.chrismartenson.com/blog/charles-eisenstein-time-better-narrative/71231

I’m not sure I agree with the contention of the authors, in fact I don’t, not about everything… whether its coming to an end or not, we may be hitting a cul de sac. Yet, a leap out of the current trajectory by some new set of beliefs is entirely possible, if not probable.

HOWEVER, that is not why I’m writing.

I disagree wholeheartedly that we have at the heart of our behavior rational processes or beliefs.

Beliefs, in my view, are nothing more than artifacts left over… after the behavior and what caused the behavior. Almost all of what we do is directly resulting from the unconscious which has had it’s way with us… and then we make up the stories — as beliefs — about how the world is.

Helpful Hint: BS, at its heart, is based on this rational notion, that our beliefs guide all of our behaviors, which is the wrapping BS comes in as a gift, so to speak.  But the real BS, is that we are convinced that we make this stuff rational, and we behave according to our beliefs, which is why BS spends so much time and money influencing us sub-consciously!

Go figure.

Action Step: You might want to read that again because it is really counter intuitive and it is one of those things that makes you go hmmmmm.

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