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Composite Standards

Standards are all around us.  We need them.  They provide guidelines for everything that is routine and recurring in our lives.

In BSOS, (Blank Slate Operating System, which I will refer to as BS in the future) standards are created that match with what vendors, public relations, business, or even parents want us to be.

For example: the idea of a beautiful woman accompanies most cosmetic ads.  It makes sense, it’s natural, it’s aspirational, and it’s inspiring.  Yet, the beautiful woman is often "made-up" using more than the advertised cosmetics; photoshoped, and then "imaged" in a way that portrays the "standard" that the company wants you to achieve by using their products and services.*

In reality, there is nothing wrong with this: to put our best foot forward, to give the best image to utilize the "best practices”.

Consequently, though, the sheer nature of the standard is what I call a "composite.”  This means that no human exemplar exists like this “composite”.  Therefore, women see a beauty that can never be attained.  In reality, it doesn’t exist except as a set of "best practices or examples" that have been created and emerge as a composite standard created by someone who has taken license to wow and WOO us into submission or commission.

Perhaps you may have seen the video that shows an artist combining the best features of the top 100 most beautiful women in history to make the “ideal beauty”.

What’s wrong with this?

That is a question that I think I don’t have to answer, but I will!

In creating standards that don’tin realityexist with exemplars, we are fashioning a consumption race that never ends; a grail that can never be found; a search of infinite steps; and a journey ever to be run. 

It enslaves the perception of people to continuously strive for the "composite" standard in order to be "good enough" > to reach BS’s ultimate rung.

It yields the ever-more-important… consumitariat > a type of person who sees their life in "comparison" to these composite standards and judges whether they are good enough… only to find themselves "wanting…" to consume to solve problems, to consume to achieve happiness.  As a result, success is determined by those who created the composites, the best practices, the aspirational inspiration.

Thus you have the perfect inspiration, aspiration, and exemplification of a fraud morally created by "consorting with our ego" to remain in competition with other egos for what is supposed to be good, right, true, and beautiful.

Therefore the rise of the CORPORATE… the social organizing mechanism to take the place of God(?), including the manipulation by advertising, that we can BE, DO, HAVE, and BECOME ANYTHING we can dream.  We end up being guided by the proof of this composite "reality”.

Helpful Hint: Behind almost any action we take is the aspiration or the inspiration of some compelling composite standard.  Learning this and then allowing yourself to understand that almost all of our jobs, our work, our play, and our relationships are build upon these standards, can be a daunting task for sure.  But assimilating these ideas are key to surrendering to the notion that this is all there is… the pursuit of best, which is the moniker of the 1-5% who find these roles motivating and satisfying.

Action Step: Just take a look at your “to buy list” and look at how many of those choices are driven by some compelling notion implanted into your aspirational inspiration system —> something you think or feel gives you the best buy, deal, sample, standard, or happiness, and just stop, look,and listen.  There is a train running… everywhere but where you are.

*See an example YouTube Video HERE.

Open happiness

Does opening a coke really lead to happiness?

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