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It’s important to understand this TPOV because it has wide-ranging effects across BS and @F-L-O-W.

Corporate refers to a "designation" that I have given a MetaSystem (System of Systems) name.

It takes its name from "corporation" or "chartered company" where individuals can be protected from liability because they create a "corporate veil" of accountability.  Owners are investors, who do not manage the company: the corporation as an identity and as an entity.

The CORPORATE is said to be non-living.  However, in FLOS, it would be realistic to consider them alive as an entity and identity because moving forward; these "organizations" will act as if they were alive.  They will have all the attributes of a living system, as in auto-poetic, or possibly self-referring according to the Santiago Theory of Cognition, by Maturana and Varela.

CORPORATE is one of four such MetaSystems that we are concerned about as they emerge out of what I refer to as a Values Basin, or Values Attractor.  They were noted by Dr. Clare W. Graves and made popular in the mid-nineties with the publication of Spiral Dynamics in 1996, by Don Beck and Cris Cowan in a colored framework.  It was hypothesized by David McClelland in his book Human Motivation in 1988, as Power, Achievement, Affiliation, and a mention of Avoidance.

My difference with Spiral Dynamics® is that I do not attribute hierarchal value directly to these basins–one being more hierarchically advanced than another per se.  I see them in a network, versus a spiral, where every person demonstrating these value "effects" can be judged independently, rather than collectively based on values they express at any one time.  

I also see people moving among this network of values, using what they can from each system to resolve existential tension, but having roots in one basin primarily.

CORPORATE represents as clearly as I can see now, the "express self, respect others" values from an entity formed representing the interests of others for a profit based on the Ach or Achievement Motive System, as discussed by McClelland.

Characteristics of this system are win-win, strategy, tactics and profit, materialism, consumption, status or "bling", rivalry, rewards, goal achievement, enterprise, focus on results, growth, mobility, influence, sales, development, keeping score, prestige, and posturing. 

Also as defined by McClelland as a social motive:
To increase self-regard by the successful exercise of talent.
To overcome obstacles and attain a high standard.
To excel oneself.
To rival and surpass others.

The names for the other three MetaSystems are not as clear for me at this time, but will emerge over time.  They represent the four conceptions of mature adult personality taken from Dr. Graves Primary Research reported in Levels of Existence Authored by William R, Lee. 

I paraphrased them here in relation to McClelland’s Social Motives:
Power – Express Self Calculatedly (To Hell with Others, added later)
Avoidance* – Sacrifice of Self to Get Later
Achievement – Express Self, Respect Others
Affiliation – Sacrifice of Self to Get Now
*Discussed by McClelland, but not named as one of the Social Motives per se, but added by me in attribution.

Helpful Hint: CORPORATE is brightening now, which means that not only are people fit to the existential conditions where their attributes are getting them the most bang for the buck, but also where global expansion is now riding on the heels of CORPORATE and what they can do for society.

As corporate accelerates, they strengthen the need for the consumtariat, as the two feed on each other literally and figuratively.  This synergy is producing widespread effects, which are not altogether, desirable long term.

Action Step: Notice in the media how the messages you receive are from some "entity" about something to BE, DO, HAVE, or BECOME… and you can see how CORPORATE is working to provide us with that "whateveritis" for our consumption in line with triggers for our unconscious motives, drives and values.

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    Mike R. Jay is a developmentalist utilizing consulting, coaching, mentoring and advising as methods to offer developmental scaffolding for aspiring leaders who are interested in being, doing, having, becoming, and contributing… to helping people have lives.

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