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Cultural and Educational Scaffolding

I realize a lot of people have difficulty understanding what I mean by the concept of Cultural Scaffolding.

Cultural Scaffolding are those varied elements that are both explicit and tacit in the education of young people, by their parents, social institutions present and in society as experience as they are constructed for and with the person’s filters and biases.

Now here is an example:
I gave these instructions to my MyPAL, who btw is stratum II capable, however without modern cultural scaffolding… Most likely most of it is pre-conventional at the core attractor of Graves BO-CP-DQ (exiting, nodal, entering), or Spiral Purple-Red-Blue, or if we look at social perspective from Kohlberg, it is described like this, as a transition between level 1 and Level 2: [Note this is a cool dominant, fyi]

Level 1 (Pre-Conventional)
1. Obedience and punishment orientation
(How can I avoid punishment?)
Level 2 (Conventional)
1. Interpersonal accord and conformity
(Social norms)
(The good boy/good girl attitude)
2. Authority and social-order maintaining orientation
(Law and order morality)

Most likely this person would be scored at stage 3 social perspective (giving them the benefit of the doubt), and in Kegan, a 3/2, midway through a transition, moving into systematic, from formal in commons, et al.

Here are the instructions I gave:
go to www.flow.ph/manifesto
wherever there is a reference to flawlessliving,
or flos,
replace that with @F-L-O-W
just copy it to clipboard and then find the instances above and paste over it

Here was the MyPAL response:
can u give me an example of reference and to change in @FLOW ? Pls ?

Note that this person, knows how impatient I am with giving task context.

However, how many of you, and how many people do you know that are even Stratum I capable can do that task above, without an example?

Here is my response:
wherever it says flawless living, replace it with @F-L-O-W
or flos
just highlight flawlessliving or flawless living, or flos
and paste @F-L-O-W over it

I do see now, how I was slightly out of order.  I have a hell of time sequencing, btw, which is why I am so impatient when people ask me for instructions, rather than context (which I provide through patterns.  They are seeking context according to their personality dynamics.  Herb and Glenn, take note on RO 2.0 –> differentiating context through personality dynamics, filters and biases, as well as developmental trajectory, fyi)

I think she will be able to do it now.

Here’s my point about cultural scaffolding.

In cultures I have studied where people do not have access to social institutions, education, educated parents, daily modern systems, and where they have access to only those pre-and conventional forms of scaffolding, most of the "construction" tools are missing for even simple tasks.

I have had to learn this the hard way, and thank GOD I am learning,finally, because I’ve spent a decade befuddled by the dimensions of multifaceted capability while in India, Mexico, Russia, Argentina, Malaysia, and now the Philippines, after having lived in East Texas and not had even a clue in the 80s… go figure… that the construction of what are basically horizontal KSEs are fundamentally the duty of the parent, social institutions, and society at large and will NOT occur in the construction of experience if they are not available!

THIS IS WHY intelligence seems to keep growing across the world.

The issue is that intelligence can be measured in many forms.

The MyPAL in question is about 22, at 19 they tested on the LDMA at 10.4, this equates to Stratum II capability in the Jaques System across to the JAY coefficient. This places the person on Mode 5. She was a high school graduate, no college, which means K-10 grad, the Philippines and Burma being only two countries in the world on K-10. The Philippines goes K-12 in 2014.  It’s shifting now, with big cultural issues lurking.  If you can’t pay K-10, how are you going to afford 2 more years… drop out rates at k-9-10 levels will skyrocket, and they don’t have a clue what to do.  They are too busy helping Europeans… and while that indirectly is good, they should be investing in programs to counter act the osciallation they are now creating!!

This MyPAL earned one year of college in our system last year, they are working this year, will go back to college next if things go well. They made 90+ average in their first year, all the while taking care of newborn, and 4 siblings in school, a mother and father who sometimes have income. This is clearly a high potential that is being supported in this system, at pretty heavy cost.

HOWEVER, because they lack the construction of experience in a conventional sense, I have a ferrari that can only cut grass.

I see this consistently throughout the BRICS, and related, and that is why when you offshore work, the system development and design is so much more critical, not that they are at lower levels of intelligence per se, but that the construction of their experience is at levels that are pre-modern.

This person has amazing survival skills, and her family/tribal skills are adept as well as indicative of this construction of experience –> grew up no electricity, never went on a high school field trip, too poor to afford.  I’m surprised she made it through high school, although what would have been clear to teachers, as is clear of another MyPAL we have, with same, or worse background, is that they had potential, so they were "helped" along the way, being invited in the door of nuture’s lottery, because they did well in nature’s lottery.

Helpful Hint: Cultural Scaffolding is a critical factor @F-L-O-W.  I wasn’t wrong or inefficient to include "Culture Is KEY" in the Primes, as this small example proves that until a person has sufficient construction of experience, even as simple as having instruction in how to go — and replace, a function we all take for granted, until they see that meme design, they can’t understand how to assimilate it, so we need to incorporate this in our post-modern function, in order to help these people.  We have to educate them, but more than likely, we are going to have to apprentice them, as their education lags too far behind their existential need to produce.

Action Step: Look at task failure and incompletion. Note that it involved many perspectives and that people may need deeper, more customized context to their own filters, biases, and experience before we get task productivity up to modern levels in disdadvantaged persons.

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