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7 Factors of Job Fit
-Personality Dynamics
-Ego Complexity

Each of these deserves their own 101 Tip, but I’ll give this a quick one-liner to get you going:

Capability: Ability that matures over time along a preset trajectory that can’t be altered by education or training.

KSEs: Knowledge, Skills, and Experience that are developed over time from education, training, and the learning cycle.

Values: A system of means/memes that are valued and can evolve over time to reflect better EES (Efficient, Effective, Sustainable) with underlying motives.

Personality Dynamics: Personal Inborn Attributes subject to shifts in objectivity over a person’s life, but are basically unchanging at the core.

Results/Artifacts: Explicit or Tacit objects resulting from interplay with the other six factors of job fit, can also be referred to as resultants.

Ego Complexity: maturation of the ego across one’s lifespan resulting from dynamic interaction between the inner self and the outer environment.

Scaffolding: All of those contributing factors which are part of fitness, not directly the result of inbornness in the environment, including but not limited to, context, purpose, clarity, resources, timing, opportunities, and tensions associated with form, structure, and process.

Helpful Hint: It’s becoming easy to see, that most of Job Fit is due to factors outside our control, which makes Design key, led by an understanding of Nature’s & Nurture’s Surprise in a surround of scaffolding.

Action Step: Make a list of the roles you are living (try out from one to three so your list stays manageable). Under each role list the 7 Factors for Job Fit. Think about how you would rate the fit for you –
(1) Too good (“boring”),
(2) Just right (“ahhh”), or
(3) Poor (“panic”).

Sit with your ranking, and notice which factors you’re curious about exploring more deeply.

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    We hope you pick up valuable insights, ideas, and tools during this process, which you can use for your own development as well as your work and leadership with others.

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