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I’m in my 11th year of providing Holiday Rice for disadvantaged persons in the Philippines. Due to the world wide pandemic and lock downs (I  am even in lockdown for 6 more days – as of November 30 – some day ask me about my experiences being in lockdown in a 3rd world country) this year is especially hard on the poor.

This year our Holiday Rice Program runs from 2021 USA Thanksgiving to Chinese New Year 2022.

59 days of gratitude for the wonderful lives we have enjoyed.

It’s our MyPALs largest undertaking yet and we are all working to provide Holiday Rice to families in need here in my adopted home of the Philippines.

From 12 pm, Thursday, November 25 until 12 am, Saturday January 22, 2022 — the beginning of the year of the TIGER, we will collect donations for Holiday Rice and distribute those proceeds sans administrative fees (paid by LeadU) to disadvantaged kids and families.

Were you aware that many of these kids just go to sleep on Christmas Day because there is no food or gifts to share?

In exchange for your donation of just $10 for 1/5 sack of rice and you will be given access to 3 weeks of my new 1-Minute Daily: SERIES I.

You will receive a daily email that you can read in about 1 minute to ignite your desire to develop as a leader and learn how to increase your own Self-Knowledge in preparation for development in 2022 — it’s time to begin.

This year when I interviewed disadvantaged persons about what they did for the holidays, many would say they didn’t have food to eat… In the Philippines, holidays for poor people mean no work… no work = no pay = no food.

Over 3 decades of leadership experience in more than 50 countries promises you a trip into your own development.

Donate $25 for 1/2 sack of rice and I’ll add SERIES II, an additional 3 weeks that’s starts the drill down into SELF-AWARENESS.

Did you realize that “a survey of 75 members of the Stanford Graduate School of Business Advisory Council rated self-awareness as the most important capability for leaders to develop.”?

Donate $50 for a full bag of rice and help me deliver that sack of Holiday Rice to a needy family and I’ll give you access to the COACH2 Skills called DYNAMIC INQUIRY, SERIES III in my Development for Leaders. (Note: this will provide you a great backgroiund to my newest program Living Inquiry.)

And you will be on the VIP list to receive a digital copy of my new 2022 book:
Living Inquiry. You will also be given access to my Living Inquiry launch call on December 16th.

I’m sorry if this sounds like hype or marketing but I wanted to give you something to entice you to donate to our holiday rice program — it puts the smiles on kids and grown-up faces alike when we give holiday rice.

In 2011, I dressed up like Santa and led a string of Pedicabs filled with toys into a disadvantaged neighborhood in Malate, Manila and almost didn’t make it out alive!

Thanks to some streetwise Philippino friends who managed to get me to safety, while I’m throwing 100s of 100-peso bills in the street to stop the crowd from mobbing me and storming our positions to get a Christmas toy for their child!

I broke down and cried that day because I hadn’t realized how disadvantaged these people were… and have made it my goal to distribute any available funds I receive to these folks whenever I can — without starting a mob scene.

So, please donate even $10, $25, $50 or a lot, to help us get rice to more areas where holiday rice is needed because people are out of work during the holidays and this forced pandemic lockdown.

It’s easy, we will accept credit cards and PayPal. The funds go directly to our Leadership University Business Office and are moved by PayPal to the Philippines without deductions and used to purchase holiday rice, or equivalents.

Full Disclosure:
We do use some holiday rice funds to purchase clothes for children who do not ever receive new clothes… and there are times we will pay cut-off notices for water and electric bills because of non-payment in carefully reviewed instances or with recommendations from our MyPALs who are both recipients of as well as Santa’s helpers… cause it takes a village as you know.

Mike R Jay, Developmentalist

Donate $10 to the Rice Fund Drive      Donate $25 to the Rice Fund Drive     Donate $50 to the Rice Fund Drive     Donate $?? to the Rice Fund Drive

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