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Facets of Helping Functions

In my last micro-cast, I defined 3 of the 4 facets of any helping function.

I know I’m tossing around and nuancing some of this lingo, but I’ve identified a helping function as any personal, professional, business, or network method that seeks to provide facets of helping, identified as cues(hints), scaffolding, support, and lift to others.

The idea of “lift” is superordinate when we discuss vertical development and this is the first time I’ve explained this is public.

In strategy, we often discuss “lift” or traction in order to name what’s occurring or what hasn’t happened such as not getting any lift or traction from the “help.”

As I teach you about DYNAMIC INQUIRY, I need to make references to these terms and the different ways in which you can nuance the helping functions through improving the fit of these facets of those helping functions with the others who expect help.

I’ll discuss these more in depth over time. To get more info, click HERE.

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