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Disintegrating Happiness and Success

"You can control your own mental attitude. It is the one and only thing over which you have complete control. So you can create your own luck with a positive mental attitude." – Napoleon Hill (Think & Grow Rich)

I was thinking about the indirect mastermind I have assimilated here on the list (@F-L-O-W), as to why I have been able to use my capability to construct my beliefs and experience as I have… @F-L-O-W…

And I had remembered sending something to a small group that I am a part of in a client business and how to move to the next level, it’s important to create a more formal mastermind…

So I searched and ran across this video… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDrKIrINYYM&feature=youtu.be

I loved it, as I really enjoyed what Napoleon Hill was paid by Carneige to do, and that was to find out what made people successful and gift that model to the common man…

Parts of this are true, in that success requirements are very clear… as mathematics or any other discpline, as Hill points out…

So, why don’t we do it…


When the why isn’t big enough, no amount of how matters…(twist on Neitzche)

Enjoy the short video, you can see the BS roots here… anyone can do this if they just follow these simple principles… and he’s right… but…

Why don’t we…
Of course some do… and those that do and are aligned to follow, or are aligned to create the system, are in fact, very successful using these principles…

This is the gray area in BS

Which is why I separated happiness and success, as well as noting the tensions emergent between them, as ways to dis-integrate the reality of BS… and to explain why the wealth is in the hands of those few whose why is aligned with the how…

Helpful Hint: Disintegrating Success into requirements from the roots of individual happiness is key to lessen the effect of natural mis-alignment most of us have been inborn with, or flow-generated happiness and the requirements of success.

Action Step: More than likely, this one key: Dis-integration of Happiness & Success, and identifying the opportunity for scaffolding in the tension emergent between, is what helps us reclaim our happiness and propel ourselves to uncommon levels of success.  It’s easy.  Know yourself well enough to know what you need for happiness, and what is needed for success.  Don’t confuse them.  Get both sets of needs met through design, scaffolding, and support.

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