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"I now have a very simple metric I use: are you working on something that can change the world? Yes or no? The answer for 99.99999 percent of people is ‘no.’ I think we need to be training people on how to change the world. Obviously, technologies are the way to do that. That’s what we’ve seen in the past; that’s what drives all the change.” – Larry Page, cofounder, Google.

 Time flies when you are having fun.

Twenty Five Years ago on November 5, 1987, I decided that I would seek to identify why leaders are leaders. And now, twenty-five years later, I have no definitive idea that I could say causes a person to become a leader.

What I did find along the way was an amazing set of global experiences, from which emerged a set of codified systems, one of which I call Generati.

Generati is simply the philosophy that living can be generative, which enhances the opportunity for others as a result of your actions, or non-action.

And what makes it so?

In the model of Generati I put forward HERE, I outline the elements involved in a developmentally scaled format, providing the 144 elements in the system which can be measured in terms of density, or frequency of observation. While the model is still some time away from Prime Time, it’s important to introduce "personal reason’s why": which provide context for the current model of @F-L-O-W.

If you’re working on something that takes time, you’ll be empathetic to all the dead-ends and side-tracks that are created when one takes on a very complex problem, even though, it really seemed simple at the time.

In short, you really need to be careful what you wish for… or when dreams become your life.

"To Live. To Love. To Learn. To Leave a Legacy." – Stephen R. Covey

Helpful Hint: It’s taken me what seems a lifetime to recover and unlearn what I read in the Covey Books, a wonderfully rich and sophisticated set of proves that systems made for the 1-5% can’t be generalized; which doesn’t diminish their brilliance or there efficacy —> to those people. I made my way out of this cul-de-sac into and through COACH2, and now into @F-L-O-W, all in service to Generati. I’m not there yet, but I’m happy to share my journey.

Action Step: How much of the time does your behavior produce generative circumstances? I’m not talking about sustainability, but generative. Maybe EES should be EESG.  But for now, sustainability is an important idea to extend the range and scope of @F-L-O-W, and as a consequence, we may approach generativity.

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    We hope you pick up valuable insights, ideas, and tools during this process, which you can use for your own development as well as your work and leadership with others.

    You, Me, and We @F-L-O-W

    Mike R. Jay is a developmentalist utilizing consulting, coaching, mentoring and advising as methods to offer developmental scaffolding for aspiring leaders who are interested in being, doing, having, becoming, and contributing… to helping people have lives.

    Mike R. Jay
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